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These famous individuals triumphed.

The upcoming "reality show showdown" will determine the victor of past seasons on RTLzwei. Who emerged victorious?

Serkan won the "Battle of the Reality Stars" in 2023.
Serkan won the "Battle of the Reality Stars" in 2023.

"Fight among celebrities on reality TV" - These famous individuals triumphed.

In the "Battle of Reality Stars", the grand finale happens on June 12th at 8:15 pm on RTLzwei. Who will emerge as the victorious "Reality Star 2024"? The chosen winner will be accompanied by this celebrity contestant or candidate.

In this reality TV show where stars reside in a Thai villa and face various challenges, viewers do not have significant control over the eventual victor as in many other reality formats. In the first season, the winner was determined by a game that entailed retrieving VIP bracelets embedded in a three-tiered cake, exhibiting intelligence through trivia questions, and launching gumballs using the corks of champagne bottles.

On the last night, hosted by Cathy Hummels (36), the verdict was declared: Kate Merlan (37) received the bronze position, Sam Dylan (33) came in second, whereas the golden Reality TV award shaped like an 80s-style TV set and the €50,000 prize money were bestowed upon former footballer Kevin Pannewitz (32).

New Regulation from Season 2

In the second season, the expelled candidates got to vote for one of the three finalists. Which one was widely favored by their peers? Five of the seven expelled contestants cast their ballots for the amiable singer Loona (49). Although Loona's popularity saw fluctuations - she once branded Andrej Mangold (37) and Jenefer Riili (31) as cheaters, and was occasionally perceived as a nuisance - her cordial demeanor towards every candidate ultimately bore fruit. Finalist Andrej Mangold received two votes, while finalist Claudia Obert (62) received none.

The winner of "Realitystar 2022" was also selected by the votes of the previous candidates. The contest was between Elena Miras (32), Yasin Mohamed (32), Shepherd Heinrich (57), and Malkiel Rouven Dietrich. Despite referring to herself as the sole deserving winner in the latter episodes, Miras expressed heartfelt gratitude through tears for being accepted without any preconceptions given her bad TV image - and was thus crowned the winner.

As a passionate admirer of the series, Serkan Yavuz (31) became a participant in the "Battle of Reality Stars" in 2023 for a nominal fee of one euro. In the end, he reaped the rewards and attained victory in the fourth season of the RTLzwei reality program. Sascha Sirtl (45) and Eva Benetatou (32) finished in second place. With his wife Samira Yavuz (29), whom he met in "Bachelor in Paradise," Yavuz also triumphed in the "Summer House of Stars" that same year.

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In the upcoming second season of "Battle of the Reality Stars", the expelled contestants will have a say in who wins, just like Kevin Pannewitz did in the first season. Loona, a popular singer, received the most votes from her fellow expelled contestants in the second season. The winner of the previous season, Elena Miras, overcame her bad TV image and was crowned the winner despite her Initial reservations. Following in the footsteps of winners like Kevin Pannewitz and Elena Miras, Serkan Yavuz participated in "Battle of the Reality Stars" and emerged victorious in the fourth season.

With the growing popularity of reality TV shows, celebrities like Cathy Hummels, Andrej Mangold, and Elena Miras have become household names, joining other famous figures like Sam Dylan and Kate Merlan. In this year's "Battle of the Reality Stars", Vip stars and celebrities from RTLtwo will be competing, much to the delight of fans of the series. The show has also attracted other famous individuals, such as Shepherd Heinrich and Malkiel Rouven Dietrich, who have all proven to be formidable competitors in previous seasons.