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Actor admits to wrongdoing.

Following his acquittal, actor Kevin Spacey openly accepts during an interview that he engaged in a sexual act with someone.

Actor Kevin Spacey has been acquitted in a sexual abuse trial.
Actor Kevin Spacey has been acquitted in a sexual abuse trial.

Kevin Spacey in Spotlight for Questionable Behavior. - Actor admits to wrongdoing.

During a chat with Piers Morgan on his show "Uncensored" on June 11, renowned actor Kevin Spacey, who won an Oscar and a Golden Globe, seemed regretful about his past actions. He faced multiple accusations of misconduct in 2017 related to sexual improprieties.

Despite being declared innocent by a London court in July 2023, Spacey confessed that he stepped over the line by "grabbing" someone. The "House of Cards" star, renowned for his scenes on the Netflix show, now admits to not realising that person didn't want him to be that way. Moreover, he confessed to being "pushy." There were claims made by four individuals alleging Spacey's sexual assault during different incidents between 2001 and 2013.

However, Spacey clarified that using the word "grabbing" is inaccurate. According to him, he "stroked" the individuals, adding, "I used to be affectionate with people, that's just my nature. When you approach someone, you don't want to be aggressive. You want to be gentle and to see if they respond positively."

He is ready to take full responsibility for his actions.

The "American Beauty" actor is facing bankruptcy due to increasing financial troubles. This week, a foreclosure will be conducted on his Baltimore house, and he is likely to lose it to an auction. His debts are considerable, and there's a whole lot of pending legal expenses, yet Spacey remains determined. In response to a question on what he wants to do now, he assertively responded, "I want to get back on a horse."

Spacey was the Artistic Director at the Old Vic Theatre in London from 2004 to 2015, and several people accused him of being sexually inappropriate after the #MeToo movement in 2017.

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After his acquittal in a London court, Kevin Spacey admitted to inappropriately "stroking" someone, acknowledging his mistake in misreading their discomfort. Despite facing bankruptcy and the foreclosure of his Baltimore house, Spacey expressed his desire to "get back on a horse." Known for his role in "House of Cards" on Netflix, Spacey served as the Artistic Director at the Old Vic Theatre in London, where multiple allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him during the #MeToo movement. British talk show host Piers Morgan interviewed Spacey about his controversial past on his program "Uncensored."



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