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Lovestruck couple proposes by the seaside.

Jennifer Lange revealed her pregnancy news on Valentine's Day, while her boyfriend Darius Zander subsequently proposed to her.

Jennifer Lange announces her engagement.
Jennifer Lange announces her engagement.

"Jennifer Lange, victor of 'The Bachelor'" - Lovestruck couple proposes by the seaside.

Jennifer Lange, 30, is celebrating another fantastic event in her life - she's engaged! The ex-winner of RTL's "The Bachelor" shared the exciting news on Instagram on May 26, 2023, with a beautiful photo album including her partner, Darius Zander, 40, and her new diamond ring.

The romantic proposal reportedly took place over a perfect outdoor picnic on a seaside cliff. Jennifer expressed her immense gratitude in the caption, saying, "I couldn't have imagined this day being any more perfect - thank you from the bottom of my heart." She and Darius are excited for their future together, as implied by the caption and their poses in the photos.

Pregnancy revelation for Valentine's Day

Jennifer's engagement news comes just months after she announced her pregnancy. On February 14, 2023, Jennifer revealed on Instagram that she and Darius would soon become parents, with an adorable baby bump featured in her post. "Can't believe there's a little miracle growing inside me. The biggest little miracle I can ever imagine," she said, expressing her amazement at the development.

Jennifer and Darius have been together since August 2021. Before their relationship, Jennifer had dated Andrej Mangold, also known as "Andy," for over a year and became the winner of "The Bachelor" in 2019. However, they broke up in 2020 and began seeing each other a year later. After starring in "Sommerhaus der Sterne," they decided to part ways.

[Image: A photo of Jennifer and Darius smiling for the camera, both dressed in casual outfits, with Jennifer showcasing her engagement ring]

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