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Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with
Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with this

Calendar page 2023: November 29

The current calendar page for November 29, 2023:

48th calendar week, 333rd day of the year

32 days until the end of the year

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Name day: Cuthbert


2018 - Long-time SPD MP Ulrich Kelber becomes the new Federal Data Protection Commissioner. The Bundestag elects him as the successor to Andrea Voßhoff (CDU).

2015 - Hamburg will not bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. However, in a referendum on hosting the Summer Games, 51.6 percent of eligible voters vote no.

2013 - In Glasgow, Scotland, a police helicopter crashes into a pub filled with 120 people. The three-man crew of the helicopter and seven guests in the pub are killed.

2011 - Iranian students storm the British embassy in Tehran and occupy it for around two hours in protest against sanctions and the death of a nuclear scientist.

2003 - Seven Spanish intelligence agents are shelled and killed by unknown assailants in Iraq, some 70 kilometers south of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

1990 - The United Nations Security Council issues an ultimatum to Iraq to vacate Kuwait under threat of military force. Iraqi troops had invaded the neighboring country in August.

1983 - The public prosecutor's office in Bonn brings the first charges against those involved in the so-called Flick party donations affair.

1268 - The death of Pope Clement IV marks the beginning of the longest vacancy in the Chair of Peter. Only after 1005 days, on September 1, 1271, can the cardinals agree on a new pope, Gregory X.

1223 - The Franciscan Order is recognized by Pope Honorius III with the bull "Solet annuere".


1983 - Aylin Tezel (40), German actress and dancer ("Almanya - Welcome to Germany", Dortmund "Tatort")

1968 - Barbara Hahlweg (55), German journalist and news presenter (ZDF programs: "heute", "ML Mona Lisa")

1953 - Huub Stevens (70), Dutch soccer coach (FC Schalke 04, HSV)

1948 - Jörg Wontorra (75), German sports journalist and television presenter ("ran", "Bitte melde Dich")

1803 - Gottfried Semper, German architect, main work opera house in Dresden (Semperoper), according to his plans (together with the Austrian architect Karl Hasenauer) Burgtheater in Vienna, died 1879


2013 - Chris Howland, British singer ("Das hab' ich in Paris gelernt"), presenter ("Musik aus Studio B") and actor ("Durchs wilde Kurdistan"), born 1928

2008 - Jørn Utzon, Danish architect (Sydney Opera House, Zurich Playhouse), born 1918