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Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with
Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with this

Calendar page 2023: November 28

The current calendar page for November 28, 2023:

48th calendar week, 332nd day of the year

33 days until the end of the year

Astrological sign: Sagittarius Name day: Berta, Gunther


2018 - Cebit, once the world's largest computer trade fair, is shut down. Most recently, it only attracted 120,000 people to the exhibition grounds in Hanover. In its heyday around the turn of the millennium, up to 800,000 people visited the trade fair.

2010 - The internet platform Wikileaks launches the publication of more than 250,000 confidential documents from US embassies.

2008 - A jury of politicians and architects decides that the Italian Franco Stella should rebuild the Berlin City Palace.

2003 - The car manufacturer Volkswagen exports cars manufactured in China abroad for the first time. The first of 600 Polos destined for Australia rolls off the production line in Anting near Shanghai.

1995 - The German government decides to send around 4,000 German soldiers to the international peacekeeping force in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

1993 - The state government of Saxony-Anhalt with Minister President Werner Münch resigns. The reason for this is the so-called salary affair concerning the allegedly excessive salaries of the four ministers who had come from the West. The accusation later turns out to be unjustified.

1983 - The European space laboratory "Spacelab" is launched into space for the first time with the space shuttle "Columbia". German physicist and astronaut Ulf Merbold is the first non-American on board.

1943 - At the Tehran Conference, the USA, the Soviet Union and Great Britain negotiate military objectives and a European order after the Second World War.

1848 - The Swiss National Council and Council of States elect Bern as the permanent seat of government of the Swiss Confederation. This abolishes the rotation of the government between different cities.


1953 - Ewald Lienen (70), German soccer player (Arminia Bielefeld) and coach (1. FC Köln, FC St. Pauli)

1948 - Agnieszka Holland (75), Polish director ("Sound of Silence", "Hitlerjunge Salomon", "Bitter Harvest")

1943 - Alexander Niemetz (80), Swiss journalist and political scientist, presenter of the ZDF news program "heute journal" 1991-2000

1943 - Randy Newman (80), American singer and pianist ("Short People", "You Can Leave Your Hat On"), Oscar 2002 for "If I Didn't Have You" from the film "Die Monster AG"

1908 - Claude Lévi-Strauss, French philosopher, anthropologist and ethnologist, member of the Académie française 1973-2009, co-founder of the philosophical school of structuralism, died 2009


1998 - Hans Mohl, German journalist (ZDF health magazine "Praxis"), founder of Aktion Sorgenkind, born 1928

1968 - Enid Blyton, British children's book author ("Five Friends", "Hanni and Nanni"), born 1897