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Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with
Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with this

Calendar page 2023: December 1

The current calendar page for December 1, 2023:

48th calendar week, 335th day of the year

30 days until the end of the year

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Name day: Blanka, Edmund, Eligius, Natalie


2022 - The German national soccer team is eliminated from the World Cup in Qatar after the group stage. After Japan's victory over Spain, a 4:2 win against Costa Rica is not enough for the DFB team to progress.

2018 - The protests of the French "yellow vests" against the policies of President Emmanuel Macron turn into massive riots. The riots began in mid-November with demonstrations against higher fuel taxes.

2016 - In Thailand, Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn formally succeeds to the throne seven weeks after the death of his father Bhumibol. His formal title as king is Rama X.

2013 - In a referendum, the citizens of the EU country Croatia decide by a large majority to enshrine the Christian marriage model in the constitution. This is intended to prevent equality for homosexual couples.

2003 - The fast food giant McDonald's opens its first "McCafe" near San Francisco.

1998 - The American oil company Exxon takes over its competitor Mobil. The merger to form Exxon Mobil Corporation creates the largest oil company in the world to date. The antitrust authorities approve the merger one year later.

1993 - The Cologne-based music television channel "Viva" goes on air.

1991 - In Ukraine, more than 80 percent of citizens vote in a referendum in favor of the independence of the former Soviet republic.

1958 - The Central Office for the Investigation of National Socialist Crimes begins its work in Ludwigsburg (Baden-Württemberg).


1988 - Zoe Kravitz (35), American actress ("The Batman"), daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz

1945 - Bette Midler (78), American actress ("The Rose"), singer ("Wind Beneath My Wings", "From A Distance") and entertainer

1935 - Heinz Riesenhuber (88), German chemist and politician (CDU), Federal Minister of Research and Technology 1982-1993

1935 - Woody Allen (88), American director ("The Urban Neurotic", "The Sleeper") and actor

1923 - Morris, Belgian comic artist, inventor of the Wild West comic hero Lucky Luke, died 2001


2018 - Stefanie Tücking, German journalist and presenter (ARD music program "Formel Eins"), born 1962

1973 - David Ben Gurion, Israeli politician, proclaimed the State of Israel in 1948, Prime Minister 1948-1953 and 1955-1963, born 1886