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Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with
Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with this

Calendar page 2023: November 27

The current calendar page for November 27, 2023:

48th calendar week, 331st day of the year34 days to go until the end of the yearAstrological sign: SagittariusName day: Oda, Virgil, Bilhild


2022 - The ongoing zero Covid policy triggers the biggest wave of protests in China for decades. Hundreds demonstrate against lockdowns and forced quarantine in Beijing and other cities. The country is currently experiencing the worst coronavirus wave since the start of the pandemic.

2018 - After the bomb attack on the Borussia Dortmund team in April 2017, the Dortmund jury court sentences the assassin Sergej W. to 14 years in prison.

2013 - Former Italian head of government Silvio Berlusconi has to give up his seat as a senator. The majority in the Senate votes to expel the politician who has been convicted of tax fraud.

1998 - DFB Vice-President Franz Beckenbauer submits the German Football Association's bid for the 2006 World Cup to Fifa in Zurich.

1983 - In Munich, the party Die Republikaner (REP) is founded by publicist Franz Schönhuber and members of the Bundestag Franz Handlos and Ekkehard Voigt, who have left the CSU.

1978 - In Turkey, political student Abdullah Öcalan founds the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Since 1984, the tightly organized Marxist-Leninist organization has been fighting for a Kurdish state with armed violence and attacks.

1978 - In San Francisco, the first openly homosexual city councillor and civil rights activist Harvey Milk is shot dead by the conservative ex-policeman Dan White, also a city councillor. Liberal mayor George Moscone also falls victim to the assassin.

1968 - With the founding of Ruhrkohle AG, the majority of mining companies in the Ruhr area merge.

1958 - The Prime Minister and party leader of the Soviet Union, Nikita Khrushchev, calls on the Western powers to withdraw their troops from Berlin within six months and allow the establishment of a "free city".


1978 - Mike Skinner (45), British musician, The Streets (album "Original Pirate Material")

1948 - Isa Genzken (75), German artist (sculptures, installations and collages), comprehensive retrospective at MoMa, New York 2013

1943 - Jil Sander (80), German fashion designer and entrepreneur, opened her first store in Hamburg in 1967, founded Jil Sander GmbH in 1968

1935 - Helmut Lachenmann (88), German composer, new music (opera "Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern")

1908 - Johannes Binkowski, German journalist, publicist and newspaper publisher, President of the Federal Association of German Newspaper Publishers (BDZV) 1970-1980, died 1996


2003 - Will Quadflieg, German actor, reciter and director (role as Faust in the legendary Gustaf Gründgens production of 1957), born 1914

1953 - Eugene O'Neill, American playwright ("The Iceman Cometh", "Electra Must Mourn"), Nobel Prize for Literature 1936, born 1888