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Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with
Here you will find a daily review of events, anecdotes, birthdays and deaths associated with this

Calendar page 2023: November 18

The current calendar page for November 18, 2023:

46th calendar week, 322nd day of the year

43 days until the end of the year

Astrological sign: Scorpio

Name day: Odo


2013 - The NASA probe "Maven" launches from the Cape Canaveral spaceport towards Mars. In September 2014, it begins a one-year research mission in the planet's atmosphere.

1993 - Ukraine is the last successor state of the Soviet Union to ratify the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Nuclear Weapons (Start-I), but attaches numerous conditions to its implementation.

1993 - In South Africa, a draft constitution is passed which is intended to guarantee equal rights for blacks after almost 350 years of white rule.

1988 - CDU politician Rita Waschbüsch becomes the first woman to be elected head of the Central Committee of German Catholics.

1978 - More than 900 followers of American Jim Jones' People's Temple sect poison themselves in Guyana, South America. Those who refuse to commit suicide are shot.

1948 - The KfW Law comes into force. KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau), now KfW Bankengruppe, begins its business activities on December 16, 1948.

1943 - The novel "The Glass Bead Game" by Hermann Hesse is published in Zurich. The book could not be printed in Germany because the National Socialists had blacklisted Hermann Hesse.

1928 - The premiere of Walt Disney's animated film "Steamboat Willie" at the Colony Theater in New York is considered the birth of the Mickey Mouse character.

1918 - Latvia proclaims its independence from Russia after the end of the First World War. This is followed by the Latvian War of Independence.


1983 - Julia Ducournau (40), French director and screenwriter ("Raw" (original title "Grave"))

1968 - Owen Wilson (55), American actor ("Starsky & Hutch", "I Spy", "Shang-High Noon", "Midnight in Paris")

1953 - Alan Moore (70), British writer and comic author ("V for Vendetta")

1938 - Karl Schranz (85), Austrian ski racer, world champion in downhill and combined in 1962, giant slalom in 1970, winner of the overall World Cup in 1969 and 1970

1923 - Alan Shepard, American astronaut, the first American to fly into space in May 1961, commander of the "Apollo 14" mission in February 1971 and fifth man on the moon, died 1998


2009 - Jeanne-Claude, American-French wrapping artist, worked with husband Christo, wrapped the Reichstag building in Berlin in 1995, born 1935

1976 - Man Ray, American painter, photographer and filmmaker, photograms: "Rayographs", born 1890