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After a long silence: Bianca Claßen is active on Instagram again - what that could mean

Bianca "Bibi" Claßen became famous under her YouTube name "Bibi's Beauty Palace". After a long period of silence, she has returned to Instagram. There could be a strategy behind this.

Bianca "Bibi" Claßen is active on Instagram
Bianca "Bibi" Claßen is active on Instagram

"Bibi's Beauty Palace" - After a long silence: Bianca Claßen is active on Instagram again - what that could mean

When Julian Claßen announced his separation from wife Bianca "Bibi" Claßen in May 2022, the news sent the social media world in Germany into a state of shock. The former YouTube dream couple, who shared their everyday lives with their fans for years, were to be history? It took a long time for the Claßens' followers to accept the end of their love affair and acknowledge that it was not just a PR stunt.

Bianca "Bibi" Claßen is active on Instagram

The couple could not have handled the separation more differently afterwards. Julian Claßen, active on Instagram as "Julienco", was seen a short time later with his new girlfriend Tanja Makarić. The former professional swimmer has now built up a considerable number of subscribers on Instagram - a very profitable relationship. However, things went quiet around Bibi Claßen after eyewitness videos showed her side by side with entrepreneur Timothy Hill. She was met with hostility online, with many blaming her for the break-up, even though her ex-partner was also newly in love. The insults often had misogynistic undertones.

While Julian Claßen posted one couple selfie after another, his ex-partner's profile was silent for a long time - until now. For her comeback on the photo platform, the influencer has now chosen a declaration of love to her new boyfriend. Shortly after Christmas, Timothy Hill launched his new website, where he offers coaching sessions. "I'm so happy for you! Here's to [sic] you inspiring people as much as you do me every day," Claßen commented on the photo with which Hill announced his new activity on Instagram.

Bibi Claussen's comment under the post by her boyfriend, life coach Timothy Hill

And that's not all. Claßen has cleaned up her own Instagram channel. Of the original more than 1200 photos, only 272 are now left. The entrepreneur has mainly deleted the numerous photos with her ex-partner Julian. However, photos of her pregnancy can still be seen on her profile. The most recent post is a photo of Claßen in a midnight blue business suit from May 2022. However, she has only now edited the caption and changed it to "Focus".

One thing is certain: Claßen is a social media pro. She knows that her fans see and analyze her every move on the platform. For more than a year, her followers have been hoping for an explanation from the influencer, wanting to know her view on the break-up. Will it happen? A comeback would probably be worthwhile for Claßen, especially financially. She could demand a high fee for collaborations not only because of her eight million followers, but also because of the huge media interest. An end to the radio silence could pay off.

In May 2022, it was not yet clear what Julian and Bibi would do professionally after their separation. After all, the two had always presented themselves as a unit before. Having met at school, Julian initially accompanied Bibi in her online career and later started a YouTube channel himself. They were a couple for 13 years. They married in September 2018 and had two children shortly afterwards to round off their happy family life.

Their business success was also huge. Claßen and her "Bibi's Beauty Palace" regularly triggered mass hysteria with their meet and greets. Her audience consists largely of young girls who trust her tips and tests. With almost six million subscribers, Bibi's YouTube channel is one of the most successful German accounts on the platform. Success that has paid off over the years. According to Business Insider, Claßen earned around 100,000 euros a month from YouTube and Instagram alone before the split.

The entrepreneur would now have to expand her empire on her own. Her comeback on Instagram could be the first step - she has already focused on this.

Source: "Business Insider"

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