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Actress sports a new hairstyle.

Surprisingly, Joey King turned up without his long hair at the Cannes Film Festival following a visit to the hair salon.

On the closing evening in Cannes, Joey King stood out with her new hairstyle.
On the closing evening in Cannes, Joey King stood out with her new hairstyle.

Actress Joey King - Actress sports a new hairstyle.

"During the last night of the Cannes Film Festival, actress Joey King, 24, turned heads with a significant change to her appearance. She sported a much shorter hairstyle compared to the previous day.

A Change in Appearance for Joey King

On May 25, for the first time, the actress who has gained fame from "The Kissing Booth" stepped out with a bob haircut. She donned a light yellow tailored dress by Miu Miu, completed by ultra-thin, black, rhinestone-studded gloves. In a social media post, she mentioned that she had got her hair cut for her second day in Cannes.

On the previous day, Joey King had made her Cannes debut at the premiere of the movie "La Plus Precieuse des Marchandises". She appeared in an elaborate floor-length, baby blue dress created by designer Cong Tri. She chose to wear her hair long and styled it with loose waves while showcasing subtle volume. She shared several photos in a post on Instagram, writing, "My first Cannes!" and expressed her gratitude to her host L'Oréal. "I'm beaming with joy! It's the first time I've experienced feeling both sexy and like a princess at the same time."

"I'm amazed by the level of appreciation for the art here," added the actress, also known for her two-year relationship with "The Kissing Booth" co-actor, Jacob Elordi, 26, and her wedding plans to director Seven Piet in 2023. "What a fantastic first day! I'm looking forward to tomorrow."

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