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A horrific conclusion.

Munich: Police Call 110

Die Ermittler Dennis Eden (Stephan Zinner, l.) und Cris Blohm (Johanna Wokalek) schicken uns in die...
Die Ermittler Dennis Eden (Stephan Zinner, l.) und Cris Blohm (Johanna Wokalek) schicken uns in die Krimi-Sommerpause bei der ARD.

A horrific conclusion.

They always say in "Tatort" and "Polizeiruf 110" when colleagues mix business with pleasure, it never ends well. But "Funkensommer" took this to a whole new level - it was sizzling when the summer break started.

The burning questions remain: When exactly did inspector Cris Blohm (Johanna Wokalek) realize that arson expert Hanno Senoner (Golo Euler) was the murderer? Or was she just prolonging the investigation due to a gut feeling that something was amiss about Senoner, the charismatic guy? Was she following her instincts that there was something off about Senoner?

Euler is more than meets the eye - it matched the captivating yet confounding storyline by writer and director Alexander Adolph about the deceased woman in the Hechtle house, where not everything was laid out neatly, but rather went up in flames like the rest in this final "Polizeiruf 110" before the summer break.

The first half of 2024's crime stats were varied. In Cologne, the case "Pyramid" set the pace in January with a 9/10 rating: "A crime where everything falls into place from the cast to the story to the style," raved's Julian Vetten. Dortmund had its fair share with the gripping case "Cash" going down in the underground world of sports betting, the rating being 9/10 once more. Chiefs Inspector Jan Pawlak (Rick Okon), a long-time ensemble member, ended his tenure. By January, Franziska Weisz alias Julia Grosz had already bid farewell to her colleague Falke (Wotan Wilke Möhring) and the audience, in the case "What's Left", only to meet a grisly end in that episode.

In Kiel, Borowski's "Fickfackerei" with the returnee in the episode "Fickfackerei" was a hit, as was Eisner's journey to prison in the case "Your Loss", in light of "Dein Verlust". The Bremen fairy tale "Angst im Dunkeln" might not be everyone's taste, but those with strong stomachs appreciated it. The Munich episode "Look at Me" about unsettling violence videos was also intense. Of the four "Polizeiruf 110" episodes aired this year, the Rostock episode "Thieves" stood out, achieving a 9/10 rating for a "powerfully told story that hits the right notes at the right moments with lavish visuals and a pinch of humor".

What Else Occurred?

There was plenty more in the rich arena of "Tatort". In April, Peter Sodann, a former "Tatort" commissioner, bid his final goodbye. He had played Bruno Ehrlicher since 1992, first in Dresden and then in Leipzig, forming the first East German "Tatort" team with Bernd Michael Lade. A controversy arose regarding one of the classics from the series. In February, actress Nastassja Kinski came forward and spoke out about her treatment as a 15-year-old actress. She demanded an apology from those responsible and a ban on screening the Kiel episode "Reifezeugnis" (1977) due to the nude scenes.

In the second half of the year, more jaw-dropping moments await us. There's the Euro 2024 in store. And then there's also the special edition of the "I'm a Star - get me out of here!" celebrating its 20th anniversary. Summer is here.

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