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Selenskyj heads to Spain at 00:47.

Live updates on the Ukraine war

Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin (l.) und der usbekische Präsident Shavkat Mirziyoyev am...
Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin (l.) und der usbekische Präsident Shavkat Mirziyoyev am Unabhängigkeitsdenkmal im Yangi O'zbekiston Park in Taschkent.

Selenskyj heads to Spain at 00:47.

Today, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will make a trip to Spain. Zelensky will be welcomed by the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez at noon, as confirmed by the Spanish government in Madrid. Additionally, there will be a press conference held. Zelensky initially scheduled this visit for May 17th, but due to the ongoing conflict in the Kharkiv region, he postponed it at short notice.

23:18 Macron: "Supporting peace doesn't equate to surrender"

French President Emmanuel Macron urged against relinquishing support for Ukraine in its combative stance against Russia. During his three-day state visit to Germany, Macron stated, "Siding with peace today means reinforcing the law. Peace is not surrender. Peace is not the mission of ideals." Macron also emphasized that Germany and France would express this stance during the bilateral Defense and Security Council meeting on Tuesday. They plan to reiterate that they will continue aiding Ukraine "to the very end" in their fight, assisting them "to exhaust, train, and prepare for any eventuality in building a lasting peace - a peace that adheres to international law."

22:22 Medvedev menaces Poland with "radioactive ash"

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev hurled a threat at Poland in response to a remark by Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski regarding the potential American reaction to a Russian nuclear assault on Ukraine. Sikorski addressed the British newspaper "The Guardian," speculating on how the US might respond to a Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine. Medvedev, acting as deputy head of the Russian Security Council, stated, "Warsaw will not be spared and will definitely be coated in radioactive ash. Is this what you want?"

22:00 Zelensky addresses the media for the first time from Central Asia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered his first interview to media outlets in Central Asia, especially journalists from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. This interview was published by the Kazakh medium "Orda" in a YouTube video. Concerning a possible ceasefire with Russia, Zelensky did not foresee any prospects for a settlement.

21:40 Putin in Uzbekistan for an official visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Uzbekistan for a state visit. The Russian state media reported on the news. President of the Central Asian nation of 37 million inhabitants, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, personally greeted Putin upon his arrival in the Uzbek capital Tashkent. During the two-day visit, Putin and Mirziyoyev will discuss the advancement of Russian-Uzbek relations and regional issues. The Kremlin plans to finalize a "comprehensive collection of bilateral papers" after the visit.

21:20 Ukrainian forces repel 83 skirmishes with Russian troops

According to the Ukrainian military, there were 83 skirmishes with Russian forces on Sunday. The Russian forces are reportedly striving to break through the Ukrainian resistance lines. "Ukrainian troops are implementing measures to maintain their positions and mitigate the offensive potential of the enemy," the General Staff disclosed on social media. There have not been any significant alterations in the Kharkiv sector, yet Russian troops are continuing to wage offensives in the towns of Vovchansk and Lyptsi.

21:00 Ukrainian protesters rally outside US embassy in Kyiv

In Ukraine, the restriction on deploying Western weapons in support of Ukrainian forces has caused confusion among the public. Around 150 individuals are demonstrating outside the US embassy in Kyiv, as indicated by ntv-reporter Stephan Richter. They demand the restriction's removal.

20:40 Georgians commemorate their Independence Day with a demonstration in Tbilisi

On May 26th, Georgia observed its Independence Day, and thousands of people joined the "Freedom March" through the capital Tbilisi. Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) documented the event. The protesters carried the flags of Georgia and the European Union and chanted slogans, including those directed against the controversial foreign impact law. They also switched on their mobile phones' flashlights. Their chanting included phrases such as "No to the Russian legislation!" and "No to the Russian government!" Earlier, Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili had shared her sentiments during the enlistment ceremony of recruits in Tbilisi's Liberty Square, mentioning the "dark shadow of Russia hanging over Georgia."

20:06 Perspective on the current situation in Ukraine

Ukraine is battling the initial supply of weapons from the United States against Russia amid fighting on its native soil. Military expert Ralph Thiele remarks, "Ukraine must take those into consideration who are supplying them with weapons." Here, the United States leads the way - and Scholz aligns with Biden.

In contrast to other European allies such as Germany, Sweden's Defense Minister Pal Jonson is permitting Ukraine's usage of Swedish weaponry against Russian targets. This was revealed in a statement given to the Swedish newspaper "Hallandsposten" by the Minister. The newspaper quoted his response: "Ukraine is undergoing an unjustified and illegal war of aggression from Russia. According to international law, Ukraine has the right to defend themselves by engaging in hostilities aimed at the enemy's territory as long as these actions align with the laws of war. Sweden upholds international law and supports Ukraine's right to defend itself."

At 19:00 it was announced that the United States will be taking part in the forthcoming Ukraine peace conference in Switzerland next month, though the format of their participation remains unclear. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had previously urged his American counterpart Joe Biden to personally attend the conference.

Sky News, in collaboration with consulting firm Bain & Company, has reported that Russia produces artillery grenades three times faster than Western allies of Ukraine, and at a quarter of the cost. The analysis emphasizes the predicament for the Ukrainian armed forces, which rely on ammunition supplies from the US and Europe to combat the Russian invasion. Despite the US, UK, and other European nations boosting their grenade production, it still lags behind Russia's.

On Monday, European Union foreign ministers will convene in Brussels to make a decision regarding a new legal framework for sanctioning human rights violations in Russia. This framework will enable the imposition of sanctions against individuals and organizations accused of suppressing the opposition in the country. Diplomats claim that those impacted may include individuals responsible for the death of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny. Germany and the other 26 EU countries believe that President Vladimir Putin and Russian authorities are responsible for Navalny's death. They had already imposed sanctions on 33 people from justice and politics in March using an existing sanctions instrument. The two penal colonies where Navalny was imprisoned were also added to the EU sanctions list.

The Russian news agency RIA Novosti has reported, citing Flightradar24 data, about the sighting of a US high-altitude reconnaissance drone, "Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk," off the coast of Sochi on the Black Sea. Flightradar24 revealed that the drone took off from a NATO military base in Sicily. Earlier, American reconnaissance drones had been spotted in the area near the coast of Krasnodar region and Crimea. Over the Black Sea, American reconnaissance drones have been spotted on several occasions.

The Russian Defense Ministry has announced that Russian forces have "successfully liberated the settlement of Berestowe in the Kharkiv region" following combat operations. The settlement of Berestowe is near the Luhansk region, which is almost entirely under Russian control.

At least 16 people have been killed in a Russian attack on a market in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv in the northeast of the country. Governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleg Synegubov, stated on Telegram: "The number of deaths has reached 16." Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko also reported 43 injured and 16 missing. It took "more than 16 hours" to extinguish the fire in the market, which was caused by "targeted Russian air strikes." He praised the emergency crew's efforts.

Finnish Interior Minister Mari Rantanen shared her thoughts on the controversial draft law regarding stricter asylum procedures at the Finnish-Russian border in an interview with broadcaster Yle. She states that anyone entering the country without a valid reason will be sent back to Russia. The Finnish parliament has been reviewing this draft since last week. Currently, Finland is required to accept all asylum seekers before their applications are processed. Under the new law, Finnish border guards could send asylum seekers who cross the eastern border directly back to Russia. Finland sealed its 1,340-kilometer-long border with Russia in November 2023 due to a surge in asylum seekers.

European Council President Charles Michel has expressed outrage over the Russian bombing of a market in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which resulted in the deaths of at least 14 people. In a post on social media, he wrote, "This is unforgivable. It's criminal to terrorize civilians during a war. We must promptly implement comprehensive air defense for Ukraine." Michel urged an end to Russia's relentless assault.

14:44 Energy Ministry: Bomb discovered in Dnipropetrovsk power plant

Ukraine's Energy Ministry has announced that a bomb was found in a power plant in the Dnipropetrovsk region. According to officials, police and emergency services were called to disarm the explosive device. The ministry also reported that a Russian rocket strike during the night left over 11,000 homes in the Chernihiv region without power.

14:14 Scholz: 24,000 Russian casualties per month

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of recklessly sacrificing Russian soldiers in the war against Ukraine. During a public forum, Scholz stated, "There's a figure that indicates how many Russian soldiers have been killed or seriously injured each month - 24,000." He claimed Putin's ruthless campaign for an 'Imperialist power grab.' Russian offensives have also caused numerous civilian deaths and injuries in Ukraine.

13:55 Zelenskyy: Russia amassing troops along the border

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, from his office in Kharkiv, criticized Russia for escalating its war efforts. "Russia is the sole perpetrator of aggression and is constantly striving to expand the conflict," Zelenskyy remarked. He added, "About 90 kilometers from here, they are gathering another group of troops along our border." Zelenskyy calls on US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping to participate in a peace conference in Switzerland in June.

13:31 Scholz opposes use of Western weapons on Russian soil

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has reiterated his resistance to allowing Ukraine to utilize Western-supplied weapons on Russian territory. In a public dialogue, he stated, "There are specific guidelines we've established with Ukraine that are being adhered to." He maintained that his primary objective in Ukraine is "to prevent a major war from erupting." Britain has relaxed its restrictions on delivering military aid, while discussions in America center on the potential of permitting attacks with Western weapons on Russian soil.

12:47 Ukrainian women receive training as auto mechanics

In response to the growing labor shortage in Ukraine, women are being enlisted to train as auto mechanics. In speedy training programs, women learn the necessary skills to manage various vehicle repairs.

12:31 US experts: Russians may have overestimated offensive

The US-based think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) suspects that the Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region may have commenced too prematurely. Currently, the Russian forces are striving to replenish their ranks, as they have not yet achieved their desired strength. The ISW asserts that the Ukrainian defensive efforts in the area are posing additional challenges to the Russian initiative. Russian airspace offers them the advantage of bombarding Kharkiv indiscriminately.

11:55 Fatalities in Kharkiv shopping center attack rise to 14

As the aftermath of the Russian air strike on a shopping center in Kharkiv continues to unfold, the death toll has increased to 14. The Dnipropetrovsk region governor confirmed the updates. In addition to the fatalities, 16 people are thought to be trapped beneath the rubble. One woman shared that she could not locate her mother and 12-year-old sister, who were shopping with their father, who was found injured in the hospital.

11:29 Ukraine releases over 350 prisoners for military service

Ukraine's Justice Minister Denys Malyuska revealed in an interview with the New York Times that over 350 prisoners have been granted parole to serve in the army. As part of the program, over 4,300 prisoner applications are being evaluated by the justice system. These prisoners will join the military in exchange for the possibility of securing their release. With a pressing need for reinforcements in Kiev, thousands of convicts could potentially fill the ranks of the Ukrainian military.

A dozen individuals were fatally harmed and several more are missing or injured after Russia carried out an assault on a shopping mall in Kharkiv. Russia's armed forces justify the offensive by stating that weapons were being stored under the market. Journalist Stephan Richter delves into the background of this issue.

10:42 US analyst: Ukrainian attack on radar facility goes beyond Russian redlines

US national security specialist Phillips O'Brien evaluates that the Ukrainian drone strike on a vital radar facility for tracking ballistic missiles in Russia breaches multiple Russian redlines: This incident signifies "that no military target in Russia is invulnerable," O'Brien asserts in his weekly newsletter. It compels Russia to withdraw air defense resources from the battlefield and communicates to the US that Ukraine attacks Russia with its homegrown weapons if it cannot do so with Western weapons. "The Biden administration still believes it can control where and how Ukraine assaults Russia. The Ukrainians make clear that they cannot do this," claims the expert. Additionally, the assault holds importance due to the radar system also safeguarding Crimea, a central objective for the Ukrainians in the war. Furthermore, the attack displays "how insubstantial the recurring Russian atomic threats are," O'Brien analyzes. "Russia cannot justify using an atomic weapon against Ukraine, and the Ukrainians recognize this."

09:50 CDU politician Kiesewetter implies air defense over western Ukraine

CDU politician Roderich Kiesewetter advocates for Western countries to deploy air defense over western Ukraine. "A coalition of the willing could set up their own air defense in a 70-100 kilometer corridor over the western area of Ukraine," states the defense expert at the "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung." "This would relieve the Ukrainian troops in this region – they could concentrate on air defense further east in the country." Kiesewetter also notes that some countries, including Lithuania, are considering sending field hospitals, mine clearance units, or logistics and maintenance teams to Ukraine. "We should not rule out anything and, within the coalition of the willing, assess which country is capable of doing this." It is legally allowable and serves security policy interests.

09:29 Ukrainian General Staff: Russians have lost 1110 troops

The Ukrainian General Staff reports that since yesterday, 1110 fighters on the Russian side were lost, totaling 501,190 losses since Russia's full-scale invasion of its neighbor. According to the statistics, 12 tanks were destroyed, 17 armored vehicles and 24 artillery systems, as well as 11 drones.

08:59 Zelenskyy calls for support from Biden and Xi using footage of burned bookshop in Kharkiv

President Zelenskyy pleads for support from US President Biden and Chinese President Xi from the remains of an incinerated bookshop in Kharkiv. Addressing the cameras, he inquires if Russia is seeking talks. "Does Russia want a dialogue?" Zelenskyy scrutinizes in the clip. "Ukraine possesses the world's prime experience with Russian untruths during negotiations. Untruths that primarily served as Russian pretexts for this war." The summit is anticipated to illuminate "who in the world truly aspires to end the war and not simply demand a ceasefire that will inevitably be breached by Russian rockets and artillery, as has occurred on numerous prior accounts." The peace summit is scheduled for June 15 in Switzerland.

08:11 Ukraine: 12 rockets and 31 drones destroyed

Ukraine maintains that it has downed 12 Russian rockets and 31 drones throughout the night. The Russian attacks targeted various regions across southern, central, western, and northern Ukraine, according to the Ukrainian Air Force report.

07:19 Russia bombards Ukraine with nocturnal air raids

Over the course of the last night, Russian forces instigated an expansive aerial raid on Ukraine. At least three individuals got injured, and numerous structures sustained damage. Poland manifested that it despatched military jets to underpin the protection of the Polish airspace amid the Russian attack on Ukraine. The western part of Ukraine, typically considered safe, was predominantly affected by the onslaughts.

06:25 Fatalities rise to 11 in Charkiw market attack

The death toll from Russia's attack on a mall in the city of Charkiw escalated to 11. The region's governor disseminated this through Telegram. Earlier, he relayed that six people had perished and 40 were injured. 15 individuals are yet to be located. The mall was demolished by two guided missiles yesterday. The prosecutor's office in Charkiw communicated that toxins ignited during the detonations. "A potent, searing smoke filled the entire extensive shopping complex," it added. As a result, the number of fatalities and casualties is expected to climb higher.

05:11 Russia employed Kh-47M2 Kinzhal supersonic missiles during nighttime air raids

During the nocturnal air raids on Ukraine, Russia allegedly used Kh-47M2 Kinzhal supersonic missiles, as reported by the Ukrainian Air Force on their Telegram channel. The targets appeared to be mainly in the west of the country. The city of Lviv, positioned on the boundary with Poland, for instance, was attacked. Besides, a blast was heard near the Ukrainian capital Kiev, according to the public broadcaster Suspilne.

In the night, an air raid warning is issued for the whole of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Air Force says Russia is attacking using drones and missiles. Aircraft believed to have been launched from the Russian airbase Olenja were supposed to have shot down the missiles.

01:07: Ukrainian missile strikes, killing four individuals in Belgorod

The governor of the Belgorod region in southern Russia relayed on Telegram the deaths of four locals following an attack by Ukraine. Vyacheslav Gladkov reported that three people were killed in the village of Oktyabrsky by a missile attack, while another individual later succumbed to their injuries in the hospital. An additional twelve people were injured, including a child, in two mortar attacks. Gladkov also stated that Russian air defenses had destroyed 29 targets.

23:31: Russian strikes on Kharkiv kill at least six individuals

Updated numbers of casualties stemming from a Russian strike on a building market in Kharkiv have surfaced. According to Governor Oleh Synegubov, six individuals were killed instantly, 16 remain missing, and twenty more are injured. Among the deceased, two were men who worked at the Epizentr market chain on the city's northeastern outskirts. Initially, reports stated that two persons lost their lives and 24 were injured. President Zelensky also noted on Telegram that over 200 people had gathered at the market. All rescue services are in action to help individuals and extinguish fires.

22:20: Macron denounces "unacceptable" Kharkiv attack

French President Emmanuel Macron has denounced the Russian attack on a building market in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv as "unacceptable." He expressed France's "shared pain with the Ukrainian population and remains at their side," in a post on X.

21:50: Following the "barbaric" Kharkiv strike, Kuleba demands more Patriot systems

After a Russian attack on a building market in Kharkiv (see entries at 20:43, 19:44, 19:04, and 18:42), UkrainianForeign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called on Ukraine's partners via X to provide "additional air defense and support for Ukrainian attacks on military targets in Russia." Increased air defense and the ability to shoot down Russian military aircraft prior to bombing victims were the only methods of preventing "barbaric war crimes against the civilian population" Kuleba asserted.

21:11: Governor announces one death after Ukrainian air raids on Belgorod

Once more, Governor Wjatscheslaw Gladkow broadcasted air raids (see entry at 16:30) on the southern Russian region of Belgorod through Telegram. He relayed that at least 15 targets, including kamikaze drones, had been shot down. In the village of Dubovoje, a death was reported, according to Gladkow. Houses and commercial buildings also sustained damage. Four more people were rushed to a nearby hospital with severe injuries. A house was also alight.

20:43: Four perish in Kharkiv after Russian strike on a hardware store

In a Russian attack on a hardware store in Kharkiv (see entries at 19:44, 19:04, 18:42, and 16:50), at least four individuals have been slain and 38 wounded, as per Ukrainian officials. Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov divulged on Telegram that the number of fatalities increased to four, and the number of casualties now totals 40. Oleg Synegubov, governor of the Kharkiv region, detailed on Telegram that injuries amounted to 38.

20:13: Ukrainian troops report intense fighting for Vovchansk

The Ukrainian city of Vovchansk faces daily artillery fire, reports Ukrainian soldiers. Churches, schools, and administrative buildings are among the ruins. With Vovchansk's strategic relevance to Russia, the end of conflict is not in sight.

(All previously mentioned developments can be found here.)

Der russische Präsident Wladimir Putin (l.) und der usbekische Präsident Shavkat Mirziyoyev am Unabhängigkeitsdenkmal im Yangi O'zbekiston Park in Taschkent.

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