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Pistorius responds to Putin's confusion over maritime borders.

"Cunning acts of war"

At the Pabrade military base, Pistorius observes an exercise in combat shooting with live...
At the Pabrade military base, Pistorius observes an exercise in combat shooting with live ammunition.

Pistorius responds to Putin's confusion over maritime borders.

The Russian government has sparked concerns in Lithuania and Finland with a proposed law that could redraw maritime borders in parts of the Baltic Sea. In the document, Russia claims it wants to adjust boundaries. However, a denial quickly followed. Defense Minister Pistorius recognizes a pattern in this situation and suggests waiting to see how things unfold.

Defense Minister Boris Pistorius views Russia's decision to claim more territory within Finland's and Lithuania's waters unilaterally as another instance of Russian President Vladimir Putin's "devious form of hybrid warfare." Pistorius made these comments during a visit to Lithuania, where German troops are stationed. "This again showcases the uncertainty, provocation, withdrawal, relativization, creating distance, and threats - in other words, all the trademarks of this type of warfare. So let's wait and see what unfolds," said Pistorius at the military base in Pabrade, Lithuania.

Pistorius believes the Russian announcement reinforces the importance and necessity of having a German brigade in Lithuania. He emphasized that this initiative should be pursued further.

The Russian Ministry of Defense's draft decision, titled "determination of geographical coordinates," proposed expanding Russia's maritime areas into the waters of NATO and EU members Lithuania and Finland. Both countries expressed alarm over the Russian plans. Lithuania's Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis urged NATO and the EU to provide a tough response. The draft has since been removed from the legislative database.

Pistorius, during a trip to Lithuania, met with the pre-command of the Bundeswehr brigade working in Lithuania until 2027. "I'm incredibly happy with what you're doing here. It's exceptional, it's unprecedented in the history of the Republic and the Bundeswehr," said the SPD politician during a gathering with soldiers led by Colonel André Hastenrath.

This move, according to Pistorius, marks an amazing milestone. As part of the changing security environment in Europe, the German government committed to permanently stationing a combat-ready and independent military force in Lithuania. The aim is to have the brigade operational by 2027, with approximately 4,800 soldiers and 200 civilians from the Bundeswehr. A preliminary team of about 20 soldiers arrived in Lithuania on April 8.

Pistorius' Visit to the Bundeswehr in Lithuania

After meeting with the pre-command, Pistorius traveled to the Pabrade military base, where he observed a military training simulation of an enemy attack on allied territory. He then rode on a Leopard 2 battle tank to the extensive and vegetation-sparse training area. Later, Pistorius closely examined the action in a Fuchs armored transportation vehicle and even climbed into the Panzerhaubitze 2000, the Bundeswehr's most massive artillery piece. Lastly, Pistorius thanked the German troops for allowing him to take part in the exercise and chatted with them afterward.

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