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Four fatalities reported in Kharkiv at 11:57 AM.

Live updates on the Ukraine conflict

A snapshot from the AI-controlled biopic "Putin" by director Patryk Vega.
A snapshot from the AI-controlled biopic "Putin" by director Patryk Vega.

Four fatalities reported in Kharkiv at 11:57 AM.

The casualties from Russian air raids in the Kharkiv district have now reached four, per Ukrinform.

11:35: Two Deceased, Eight Wounded in KharkivTwo civilians have been slain in a Russian offensive on the Kharkiv district, the district's military administration reported. As per the head of the military administration, Oleh Synegubov, an emergency medtech is among the injured (go to 11:06 for more).

11:06: Russians Cease Advance Towards KharkivThe advance of Russian ground forces towards Kharkiv was halted on Saturday, according to a statement released by the Ukrainian General Staff on Telegram. "The adversary did not engage in any significant activities in the direction of Kharkiv. The defense forces are working arduously to bolster defenses, refill stockpiles, execute reconnaissance, and keep their actions under constant observation," the message states.

Russian bombings, meanwhile, persist. Eight people were hurt, as conveyed by Ukrinform.

10:47: Air Alert Issued in Eastern Ukraine's HalfAll eastern areas of Ukraine have issued an air alert, according to multiple Ukrainian media. Reports by Ukrajinska Pravda indicate that a Russian missile is heading towards Kiev.

10:40: Ukrainian Navy Confirms Sunken MinesweeperUkrainian navy officials have confirmed that they had sunk a minesweeper from the Russian Black Sea Fleet overnight. A photo of the sunk "Project 266M" class ship named "Kovrovets," which entered service in 1974, was shared on Facebook.

10:18: Ukranian Drones "Were Larger, Carried Bigger Loads"The six drones that attacked a refinery in southern Russia (see 6:09) had steel ball payloads, according to Russian sources. The drones were larger and carried significantly greater loads, "filled with destructive elements like steel balls," Tass quoted the Krasnodar region refinery boss as saying. The plant shut down following the drone crashes, and the extent of the damage is being assessed. Ukraine's Ministry of Defense confirmed that 57 Ukrainian drones were shot down in the Krasnodar area.

9:52: "The Center of Attacks Was Again Chasiv Yar"Ukraine's new mobilization legislation requires men fit for military service to document their status. Patriot missiles, drones, and glide bombs are being utilized in the most recent wave of assaults. ntv host Jürgen Weichert explores the current situation in the country from Kyiv.

9:35: Why Glide Bombs Are So DangerousThe BBC covers Russia's increased utilization of glide bombs in their article. Due to Russia's overwhelming deployment of glide bombs, it's nearly difficult to shoot them down, according to the article. The only option would be to target and destroy launching aircraft, though Ukraine lacks the necessary weaponry. If they move a Patriot system near the front line to accomplish this, their system could be jeopardized.

Glide bombs are lightweight, self-propelling munitions launched from a great distance, keeping the aircraft relatively safe. They are easy to create and have a devastating impact. "They allow Russia to bypass Ukrainian defense lines without employing infantry," Ukrainian security expert Mariia Zolkina said to the BBC. In addition, Russia is frequently targeting civil infrastructure with glide bombs. "The town of Vovchansk has been practically obliterated by the enemy, who mercilessly attacks with glide bombs," wrote Andrey Kovalenko on Telegram on Friday.

9:12: 37 Shahed Drones Shot Down in a Successful Ukrainian DefenseUkraine reports the successful defense against a major Russian aerial assault. The Ukrainian Air Force claims that Russia attacked regions including Kiev, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Zhytomy, Kherson, and Cherkasy with 37 attack drones throughout the night, all of the Iranian type "Shahed." The drones were securely downed by air defense forces.

8:26: Russia Exploits Ukraine's Weakness on All FrontsDespite American weapons assistance, several Ukrainian units on the front line have depleted ammunition reserves. The troops have been thinned out, and it's difficult to enlist additional soldiers. Russia is taking advantage of this vulnerability and shelling several regions.

8:06: Russia Claims to Have Intercepted Nine American ATACMS MissilesRussia alleges that they have intercepted nine US ATACMS rockets over the Russian-controlled Crimea throughout the night. In addition, an unidentified drone was shot down there, the Russian Ministry of Defense noted via Telegram. Three more drones were intercepted and destroyed over the Belgorod region beside the border, and 57 were destroyed over the Krasnodar region, the message continued (verification unavailable).

7:47: Ukrainian Forces Shoot Down Iranian-style DronesUkraine successfully intercepted 37 Iranian-made Shahed drones in a major Russian air assault overnight, as per the Ukrainian Air Force. The drones attacked regions including Kiev, Odessa, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Zhytomy, Cherkasy, and Kherson.

Every morning, the Ukrainian military shares on Facebook the number of Russian soldiers they believe were killed or injured the day before. Based on this count, around 1210 soldiers lost their lives on Saturday, making the Russian war toll reach 492,290 soldiers. In addition, the Ukrainian military claims to have destroyed 16 tanks and 35 armored vehicles. However, this information cannot be verified.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports that Russian forces are intensifying their efforts to capture Chassiv Yar, a strategically important city in Donetsk, in the eastern region of Ukraine. ISW also notes that Russia is trying to force Ukraine to pull back its troops from Chassiv Yar by launching an offensive in Kharkiv. According to ISW, Medvedev, Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council and a known hardliner in Putin's circle, publicly stated that the proposed "buffer zone" in Ukraine should encompass the entire country. This demand, as per ISW, shows that the buffer zone is merely a pretext for Russia's long-standing plan to subjugate Ukraine.

In Slavyansk-na-Kubani, a drone, possibly from Ukraine, crashed onto the premises of an oil refinery resulting in a local fire. The authorities in the Krasnodar region have confirmed the incident. Ukraine has been targeting Russian refineries for some time now.

Danone, a French dairy giant, has concluded the sale of its Russian business to a businessman connected to Chechnya, marking its 30-year-long presence in the country. Mintimer Mingasov's company Vamin Tatarstan purchased Danone's Russian business for 17.7 billion roubles (180 million euros). Experts speculate the true value to be around 80 billion roubles. Last year in July, Yakub Zakriyev, a nephew of Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, was made the new head of Danone's Russian subsidiary.

Explosions were reported overnight in the Russian-occupied peninsula of Crimea. The air defense system in Sevastopol allegedly repelled a missile attack, but no damage to the civil infrastructure was reported.

Ukraine experienced massive drone attacks across the country during the night, affecting areas such as Kiev, Sumy, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Mykolaiv, and Odessa. Initial reports suggest no casualties but there is no confirmation of damage at this point.

In Kharkiv, civilians in two towns faced gunfire during the night, prompting an investigation by the Ukrainian public prosecutor's office for a potential war crime. Six injured were reported, including three youths. Russia has repeatedly denied shelling civilians.

Germany seeks to significantly boost military aid for Ukraine this year, according to Bild am Sonntag. The Federal Ministry of Defense announced an additional requirement of 3.8 billion euros for military assistance. To date, Germany has already allocated 7.1 billion euros for military aid. The ministers of defense and finance are expected to present the extra-budgetary expenditure to parliament in June for approval.

The Ukrainian General Staff reports 77 battles within 24 hours, out of which seven are still ongoing. According to the General Staff's Telegram channel, the Russian troops are making attempt to improve their tactical position. The Ukrainian military has conducted four attacks to drive out the Russians from their occupied territories.

10:25 Ukrainian airforce bravery icon passes away amid fight
Denys Vasyliuk, a Ukrainian aviation warrior, was given the "Courage Award", a commendation for independent bravery and courage. The 831st Tactical Aviation Brigade, where Vasyliuk served as a top-level pilot, issued a Facebook announcement. He was not only chief of staff of the brigade but also deputy leader of an aviation regiment. The air force unit has reported that Vasyliuk perished "recently" in the midst of a combat mission. Further details of his death are still unavailable. The Ukrainian airforce has yet to make any official statements concerning Vasyliuk's death.

20:57 Putin in Cannes: Polish moviemaker screens AI-created biopic
Polish cinematographer Patryk Vega showcased a biopic about Russian PM Vladimir Putin at the Cannes Film Festival. In this biopic, Putin dies at the end. "This was supposed to be a joyful conclusion," the moviemaker stated. "I called Putin and asked if he'd like to join. - Oh, I was joking," Vega adds humorously. Due to unavailability of the real Putin, the filmmaker utilised AI to generate a deepfake of the Russian prime minister.

To begin, he planned to use real footage of Putin, but the quality wasn't sufficient for the big screen. "AI supplements are required. It demands 20,000 high-resolution images for it to function," explains the filmmaker. Instead, he devised a new technology that uses AI to create the face of a genuine performer with the same height as Putin. "It's the first film to employ this technology", says Vega. The effect is astounding. The film showcases Putin as we know him - in authoritarian stance, at ornate desks, and even playing the piano and soiling himself in his hospital bed.

20:35 Taiwan's Foreign Minister Wu: Taiwan's destiny hinges on the Ukraine struggle
"If Russia manages to conquer Ukraine, China could target Taiwan", Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu divulges to Kyiv Independent. The onset of Russia's aggression against Ukraine triggered alarm for Taiwan, asserts the island state's chief diplomat. Taiwan's fate could be the next battleground if Kiev succumbs. Even two years later, Wu maintains that the island's future relies on the Ukraine clash. If Russia emerges victorious in Ukraine, multiple factions expect Beijing to seek the "reunification" of the two Chinese entities through force.

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A snapshot from the AI-controlled biopic

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