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Authorities halt neo-Nazi event in Rhineland-Palatinate region.

Acting with great intensity or force

Rund 70 Polizisten sollen im Einsatz gewesen sein.
Rund 70 Polizisten sollen im Einsatz gewesen sein.

Authorities halt neo-Nazi event in Rhineland-Palatinate region.

Extremists on the right tried to organize a concert in Kröv, Germany on a Saturday night. The authorities in Rhineland-Pfalz were keeping a close eye on this event. They managed to stop the concert and initiated several legal matters.

The actions of the police in this German state, as mentioned by the Interior Minister Michael Ebling of SPD, thwarted a possible right-wing concert. He said, "On the basis of our current information, some individuals, most likely hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia, were planning to host a concert with openly right-wing extremist sentiments and music. Our officers have successfully halted it." Ebling stressed they have no place for extremists in Rhineland-Pfalz.

The state police, sensing the potential for banned music and unconstitutional words, were heavily present at this private event in the Kövenig part of Kröv on that Saturday. They put a halt to the celebration "making use of a strong force." As per Bild newspaper, the operations required about seventy police officers.

Approximately twenty individuals were questioned by the officials, and investigators visited the rented accommodation of the group under a court order. The people were identified by the authorities after which "they boarded their vehicles and returned home".

Several criminal proceedings were instigated by the officers, stated their report, covering charges of displaying symbols for outlawed organizations, instigation, and breaching the Narcotics Act. Officers were being tight-lipped about more particular details recalled on Sunday.

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