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Yearning for the simpler era of "Friends"

September marks the 30th anniversary of the popular series "Friends." Jennifer Aniston longs for a time machine to return to the past.

Was one of the leading actresses in the series "Friends" from 1994 to 2004: Jennifer Aniston
Was one of the leading actresses in the series "Friends" from 1994 to 2004: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Gets a New Haircut - Yearning for the simpler era of "Friends"

In the 90s and early 2000s, the American television show "Friends" was one of the most popular series globally. Even twenty years after the conclusion of the "Friends" era in 2004, viewers miss the days when the original cast, comprising of later A-list actors Jennifer Aniston (55), Courteney Cox (59), Lisa Kudrow (60), Matt LeBlanc (56), Matthew Perry (1969-2023), and David Schwimmer (57), embarked on various urban escapades.

During an interview with actress and producer Quinta Brunson (34) for Variety, Jennifer Aniston, who portrayed the character Rachel Green in the show, shared her yearning for those days.

When Brunson mentioned the approaching 30th anniversary of the show in September, Aniston exclaimed, "And I'll be 30 too!" The realization that the show's inception had been 30 years ago left her perplexed.

"A family for life"

"To think that I had this incredible journey lasting so long and still mean so much to people is one of the most beautiful presents we could never have imagined", said the actress. Her other five former castmates, with Perry passing away in October 2023, kept in touch. The ex-Friends were "a family for life."

"It was a truly innocent time"

Apart from the thrilling "Friends" ensemble period, the 90s were also an exceptional and carefree era. "We were privileged with not having social media or the internet, which offered us a secluded and secured environment", Aniston explained. "We weren't exposed to the critical remarks of people looking to bring someone down or whatever. It was truly an innocent time when we could effortlessly navigate the world."

As Brunson too was overcome by nostalgia and yearned for that period, Aniston ecstatically responded, "Let's make a time machine! We'll construct one!"

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Aniston expressed her longing for the 90s, the era when "Friends" was at its peak, during an interview with Quinta Brunson. The cast, including Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, and the late Matthew Perry, reminisced about their time together, referring to themselves as a family for life. Aniston fondly recalled the innocence of the 90s, a time before social media and the internet, when they could navigate the world effortlessly. As Brunson shared her own nostalgia, Aniston joked about building a time machine to relive those days.