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Unlocking B2B Opportunities in Gaming: Insights from Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024

Foto: VirtuWise

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024, commemorating its 10th anniversary, unequivocally established itself as a pivotal event in the mobile gaming industry. This conference not only set a new standard for attendance and engagement, drawing in over 2,600 professionals from more than 65 countries but also reinforced its stature as a global nexus for the gaming community​​.

The event was characterized by an extensive 29-track agenda, with more than 290 industry thought leaders diving into various significant topics, such as the transformative impact of generative AI on the future of gaming. The ability to facilitate over 5,000 meetings via the MeetToMatch platform underscored the conference's commitment to fostering substantive collaborations and potential business opportunities​​.

Fringe events like the Investor Connector, Publisher SpeedMatch, and The Very Big Indie Pitch highlighted the conference's dedication to nurturing emerging talents and startups, offering them a platform to showcase their innovations and connect with potential investors and partners​.

Services Showcased at the Conference

The diversity of services presented at the conference was vast, covering everything from localization and dubbing—with companies like Keywords Studios and LocalizeDirect ensuring games are accessible to a global audience—to graphic design and animation, offered by studios such as Art Bully Productions and GhostShark Games, enhancing the visual component of games.

Marketing and monetization services were also in the spotlight, with firms like Madex and GameRefinery by Vungle providing essential insights and strategies to maximize revenue through optimized ad placement and analytics. B2B lead generation, a critical aspect for growing businesses within the gaming industry, was represented by companies like VirtuWise, specializing in leveraging LinkedIn to attract target clients and partnerships.

Moreover, development and support services facilitated by entities like Unity Technologies and Epic Games offered invaluable tools and platforms to ease the game development and maintenance process. Testing and quality assurance services, critical for ensuring products meet high-quality standards, were provided by companies such as Testronic Labs and GlobalStep, readying products for global release.

The Importance of Participation

Attending events like Pocket Gamer Connects presents a unique opportunity for startups and service companies within the gaming industry. It's not merely about showcasing products and services; it's about establishing valuable contacts with potential clients and investors. Thanks to specialized sessions like the Investor Connector and Publisher SpeedMatch, as well as informal gatherings, companies have the chance to elevate their business, expand their network, and boost sales.

Foto: VirtuWise


For startups and small companies providing service solutions in game development, Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024 represents a valuable resource for business growth, lead generation, and B2B networking. These events allow participants not only to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations within the industry but also to actively participate in shaping the future of gaming, presenting their services on a global stage.

The integration of various services and expertise, from localization to marketing, highlights the multifaceted nature of the gaming industry's ecosystem. It opens myriad opportunities for startups and service providers to engage with potential clients, thereby expanding their business scope. The event's legacy of facilitating over $1 billion in deals underscores its pivotal role in the global gaming community, rendering it an unmissable opportunity for those looking to make a significant impact in the industry.

Pocket Gamer Connects London 2024, in celebrating a decade of excellence, has undoubtedly laid the groundwork for future events, setting a high benchmark for innovation, networking, and business development within the global gaming industry.

Alex Bilyi