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Turks Comically Mar Their Party with an Unintended Own Goal

Ronaldo demonstrates kindness and generosity.

The fateful moment.
The fateful moment.

Turks Comically Mar Their Party with an Unintended Own Goal

Chaotic turn for Turkey's Euro campaign: Bizarre own goal puts them in a hole against Portugal. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo secured another goal, showing selflessness.

Slapstick own goal seals group win: Record-breaker Ronaldo and Portugal advanced to the EURO 8th final ahead of schedule thanks to a Turkish own goal.Led by the 39-year-old captain, the Selecao held their ground in the intense atmosphere of Dortmund and claimed a well-deserved victory with a 3:0 scoreline (2:0). Portugal qualified for the knockout rounds for the eighth consecutive time - a record.

In the 28th minute, under the gaze of 62,000 spectators, Turkish defender Samet Akaydin (28) inadvertently kicked goalkeeper Altay Bayindir, who had stepped in for the injured regular keeper Mert Günok, with the wrong foot. The ball snuck over the line, making it the sixth own goal of the tournament.

Ronaldo gets a photo-op

Bernardo Silva (21) and Bruno Fernandes (56) also found the back of the net for Portugal, with the BVB stadium reverting to Turkish control for an hour, similar to the 3:1 win against Georgia four days prior. Ronaldo, who netted 7 goals in the tournament and led the goal-scoring charts, was booed almost every time he touched the ball.

Ronaldo took things stride when a young fan sprinted onto the pitch for a selfie with him in the 70th minute. He demonstrated some of his past brilliance during this encounter - just enough. The Turkish team faces a "finale" against the Czech Republic on Wednesday in Hamburg, where a draw will ensure progress.

While Ronaldo, like all Portuguese players, was booed whenever they had possession, Turkish fans remained silent during Portugal's national anthem this time - partly due to the loud drummers at the block urging them to do so. Tensions flared regardless, and referee Felix Zwayer (Berlin) received some criticism despite a good performance.

Less than a minute into the game, Ronaldo scored the first goal in front of his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez and his son Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., but he narrowly missed the target.For the two-time EM top scorer, it was his 27th EM game - a record.

Montella gives young stars a break

Vincenzo Montella chose not to give the young talents Kenan Yildiz and Arda Güler a chance this time around. Real young star Güler, who scored a stunning goal against Georgia, was "a bit tired," according to Montella before the game. The striking moments were missing this time around, with Portugal taking advantage of a left-footed shot from Bernardo Silva from 13 meters.

Soon after, Akaydin played a careless backpass, which led to the unfortunate goal. The clueless goalkeeper Bayindir, who had only played one game for Manchester United last season, was unable to catch up to the ball.

Following the break, Turkish fans demanded Güler's substitution, but after the 3:0, they fell silent. Instead, Portuguese fans began celebrating Ronaldo, who could have scored the third goal himself but chose to assist instead.

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