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Trouble in paradise - with Hape Kerkeling

"Fucking pervert, the Germans!"

For Edwin Öttel (Hape Kerkeling), Mauritius is not just about fun, it's about
For Edwin Öttel (Hape Kerkeling), Mauritius is not just about fun, it's about

Trouble in paradise - with Hape Kerkeling

Club vacation in Mauritius? Sunshine galore, snow-white beaches, sky-blue sea. It's a dream come true for Edwin. Even better: he could soon own half of the club. He just has to stop one wedding. That of his son. Hape Kerkeling at his best!

Let's be honest: New Year's Eve is all about good resolutions. Less alcohol, more sport, no more cigarettes, change your diet. In other words: live healthier. But the fun usually falls by the wayside. You stick it out for a few days, then your inner bastard gets the upper hand again. But that doesn't have to be the case - at least as far as the fun factor is concerned. Laughing trains muscles, burns calories and releases happiness hormones. That's why "Club Las Piranjas" is a must! For everyone! "SHALAMALA SHALALALAMALA! Vacation, love and lust - and away with all the frustration ..."

Life can be that simple. But not Edwin Öttel's. The aged club entertainer has now become a survivor. He tours the country with his hit bus. Village barn follows village barn. In a dusty atmosphere, between clucking chickens and horny pensioners, Edwin makes sure the playback is right when the aging pop singer Lilly breathes lines like "Du liebst doch nur den Popo von Paloma" into the microphone. During the performances, Edwin is happy - just like the holidaymakers who had an unforgettable time with him as a club entertainer in the 1990s. Edwin, "Entertainer of the Year 1991". Wonderful times ...

A hard cut back to the present: Lilly tells him that they are parting ways professionally. In addition, Edwin's most loyal companion and best friend, his hit bus, is about to make its last journey: no MOT due to chronic rusting. Edwin wants to leave life with a final bang - into the Schlagerbus, foot on the gas pedal and off over the edge into the depths of a quarry. But fate is kind to him: the engine dies. Edwin gets out in frustration. Then his cell phone rings. A sign from God? Well, it's only Renate. His former boss and mother of his son. But Edwin has never seen him before.

An immoral offer

According to Renate, however, that is about to change. The reason: she herself is dying, their son Björn is now running their "Club Las Piranjas" in Mauritius - and wants to get married. Renate: "A Vietnamese employee!" In short: Renate makes Edwin an offer. One that he can't refuse: Edwin is to go to Mauritius and prevent his son's wedding. If he succeeds, he will get half of the club.

From penniless ex-animator legend to club owner? Edwin doesn't have to think about it for long. He checks into the club incognito as Olaf - and the trouble begins. Björn is a technophile, but doesn't really know anything about the vacation feeling. There are problems everywhere in the club. Instead of positive reviews, it's a hail of "red piranjas". This plays into Edwin aka Olaf's hands, as he thinks that the problems and the associated stress are killing the love of his son's life.

But things aren't quite that simple: Edwin has to help out. He has plenty of devilish ideas. But none of them seem to work. In the end, he decides to hire a hostess to seduce Björn. In-flagranti photos are then supposed to drive the final nail in the coffin of his son's love affair. And that would make the wedding history and make him, Edwin, co-owner of the club.

It's just a shame when he opens the door to a killer boss instead of the hostess agency. The word "getting laid" takes on a whole new meaning. Murdering your own son before the wedding and foisting a photo as proof on the grieving widow? "Fucking pervert, the germans!" But a job is a job. Money doesn't stink - and Björn already has crosshairs on his chest. The killer boss unleashes his absolute top power on him.

When Edwin realizes his mistake, it's too late. The killer is already on her way to the club. Edwin's old animator acquaintance Biggi has also turned up there. She now works for the competition in a high-ranking position and wants to take over the club. Hostile, of course. She uses all the dirty tricks in the truest sense of the word. Edwin is now faced with several challenges: Ensure Björn's survival, prevent the wedding, satisfy the package tourists and, in the end, save Club Las Piranjas. Thank you, Renate!

Lovable and absolutely likeable

Thank you, Hape Kerkeling! The entertainer and jack-of-all-trades makes the audio book "Club Las Piranjas" an experience, a journey to happiness, a festival of good humor! He reads the audiobook, which is structured like a screenplay. A screenplay because there is a four-part streaming series on RTL at the same time, which in turn is a sequel to the film with the same Kerkeling that was released in the 1990s.

And Kerkeling is fully in his element in the audio book and series: he sings, purrs, jokes and gives "Club Las Piranjas" a very special atmosphere. He is likeable - through and through. As Olaf, he has a knack for the hardships and worries of package tourists. As Edwin, he devotedly takes care of all family matters. Hape Kerkeling is a people catcher in the most positive sense! And with "Club Las Piranjas", written by Mark Werner and Marko Lucht, he captures listeners and viewers alike. He shows: Anyone who gets hit on the face by life and is battered by fate should nevertheless not give up. Get up, wipe your mouth, keep going! Life is too good to mope about. That's why everyone is now singing the Las Piranjas club anthem. Let's go: "SHALAMALA SHALALALAMALA! ... Into the plane, into happiness. Only forward, there's no turning back!" 2024 can only be good.

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