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Tourist ban temporarily enforced in Capri due to water scarcity.

Due to a severe lack of potable water, the Italian island of Capri prohibited tourists from setting foot on the island on a Saturday morning. Mayor Paolo Falco enacted this ban early in the day, prohibiting visitors from disembarking on the island. Numerous tourist boats, en route to the island...

Port of Capri
Port of Capri

Tourist ban temporarily enforced in Capri due to water scarcity.

The temporary travel ban to Capri was due to a technical hiccup in the mainland's water supply system. As pointed out by Mayor Falco, Capri is in a critical situation, with its wells running dangerously low. Under such circumstances, it's impossible to accommodate the daily influx of thousands of tourists.

Later on, the mayor declared that the ban had been lifted, as the technical issues had been addressed, and the water supply was restored.

Known for its white villas, picturesque coastline adorned with small bays, and luxurious hotels, Capri boasts about 13,000 permanent residents and welcomes countless day-trippers, thanks to its proximity to Naples.

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Despite the lifting of the travel ban, Capri continues to face a drinking water shortage due to the lack of water in its wells. Tourists planning a visit to Capri's famous Falco café should be aware that the water shortage might affect their dining experience. The water shortage in Capri highlights the importance of sustainable water management in popular tourist destinations.



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