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The Psyche of "Bridgerton's" Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Netflix commemorates success with "Bridgerton," set for season 3 release on June 13. Exploring why this popular show is smashing records and our longing for the refined realm of British aristocracy.

Netflix hit: The series "Bridgerton" with Luke Newton (l) as Colin Bridgerton and Nicola Coughlan...
Netflix hit: The series "Bridgerton" with Luke Newton (l) as Colin Bridgerton and Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington

Upcoming time for fresh episodes. - The Psyche of "Bridgerton's" Meteoric Rise to Stardom

This scene has become everything for Bridgerton fans. They've spent the past five days rewatching the carriage scene over and over again, discussing it scene by scene like it's their grand confession in a self-help group. The Netflix series by Shonda Rhimes is one of the most-streamed shows in history, with the first half of its third season viewed 82 million times and still topping the charts. But that's not enough - part two premieres on June 13 and includes the remaining four episodes of the season. This international journey into the gorgeous world of 19th-century London high society continues, hitting a nerve in these troubling times.

The Kissing Scene in Bridgerton Sweeps Fans Away

If the last scene of the fourth episode was a song on Spotify, it would be number one. The #carriagescene, also known as the "Kutschen-Szene," marks the point where the lead characters' minds and bodies finally meet, and fans dissect it delightfully, like a mantra, as if it's the most important thing happening right now. While social issues, such as the European right-wing, a faltering German economy, and climate change, are present, they don't hold a candle to the vibrant world of Bridgerton. That's the allure.

Bridgerton is the ultimate escapism, offering drama and safety in a time of chaos. As media psychologist Birgit Langebartels, head of the Gender and Generation research department at the Rheingold Institute, explains, "Bridgerton is an escape from reality into the fantasy worlds of art, literature, and film and television. People crave fulfilling certain needs through their entertainment consumption and seek solutions for their issues."

"Bridgerton represents a reduction of reality's complexity." A compact scenario with a defined time frame (Regency between 1811 and 1830), structured social rules, and finding a lifelong partner is the essence of the show. Break them, and you'll have some explaining to do.

Bridgerton Creates a Diverse Utopia

Characters in Bridgerton have a significant wardrobe, and a wheelchair-bound lord is no less a contender in the marriage market than his physically perfect rivals. Their disabilities are never mentioned. Similarly, skin color, minorities, and the more voluptuous body of the main character, Penelope Featherington, are all celebrated in this delightful utopia.

In recent studies, the Rheingold Institute noticed a trend of people retreating into the "private snail house," where the outside world is perceived as a threat. "We used to feel we could control our lives, but we've lost this sense of security," says Langebartels. "The series offers a break from reality, allowing viewers to disconnect. However, it also poses a risk of becoming unfit for daily life." Escapist behavior has its advantages and disadvantages, she adds. For some, it can lead to detachment from reality, while social isolation, neglect of everyday life, and losing touch with reality show more problematic signs.

Bridgerton as an Escape from Reality

Ultimately, the popularity of Bridgerton stems from its perfect escapism - the show offers a temporary escape from the demanding reality. As society grapples with the challenges of the world, many find comfort in the couch with the Bridgerton family, enjoying a brief reprieve from the social threats.

"In the last few years, social threats have overwhelmed our lives," Langebartels observes. "People are opting for escape and entertainment through shows like Bridgerton."

So, the series thrives as viewers yearn for a temporary refuge from the stresses of their daily lives. With its distinct world, Bridgerton offers just that - a delightful escape into a world where people, regardless of their differences, can find love and acceptance. It's no wonder the show has captivated millions across the globe.

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