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"The presumed deceased "GoT" spin-off could potentially resurrect."

Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin suggests that some seemingly deceased series might have a comeback, despite his ongoing financial concerns.

George R.R. Martin gives "Game of Thrones" fans hope for another series.
George R.R. Martin gives "Game of Thrones" fans hope for another series.

George R.R. Martin provides details. - "The presumed deceased "GoT" spin-off could potentially resurrect."

Just after the end of the major show "Game of Thrones", there were numerous reports of several upcoming spin-offs popping up like mushrooms after a rain. As of now, only the successful spin-off "House of the Dragon" has made it to the screens. Other adventures in the fantasy world of Westeros and its neighborhood have been scrapped, including a series focusing on the future journeys of popular character Jon Snow (Kit Harington, 37). However, it appears that a seemingly canceled project may be back in the game, as author George R.R. Martin (75) informed his readers on his blog.

Reportedly, a new screenwriter has been hired in the form of Pulitzer Prize winner Eboni Booth. She had just received this esteemed award in May this year for her play "Primary Trust".

Martin shared his thoughts on Booth: "She is a tremendously skilled young playwright and it's a pleasure working with her. When she's not writing and producing her award-winning theater pieces on and off Broadway, we keep her busy by making her work on a new pilot for 'Ten Thousand Ships' for us and HBO."

Expensive endeavor

The plot of "Ten Thousand Ships" is set about a thousand years before the events of "Game of Thrones" and follows the warrior princess Nymeria who founded the Kingdom of Dorne during that period. It's a grand story - as Martin humorously notes with regards to the budget: "We're all quite excited... but we're still trying to figure out how we'll afford 10,000 ships, 300 dragons and these giant turtles."

Although HBO has not made any official announcement about this, Martin is known to occasionally share information about his projects on his blog, so it's likely a wait will be required. With the best circumstances, the release of "Ten Thousand Ships" is still far off.

Fans of the saga can look forward to June 17th with anticipation. On June 16th, the second season of "House of the Dragon" will premiere on Sky/Wow in Germany, coinciding with its US release.

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According to George R.R. Martin, the author of 'A Song of Ice and Fire', the series that inspired 'Game of Thrones', a new project titled 'Ten Thousand Ships' might be resurrected, despite previous reports of its cancellation. This proposed spin-off, set a thousand years before 'Game of Thrones', was supposed to focus on popular character Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington. However, HBO has not officially confirmed anything about 'Ten Thousand Ships', and George R.R. Martin has hinted that it could still be a long wait for its release. The plot revolves around warrior princess Nymeria, who founded the Kingdom of Dorne. George R.R. is working with Pulitzer Prize winner Eboni Booth on the series, alongside her theater works, and they are facing challenges in funding the potentially expensive endeavor, given the inclusion of 10,000 ships, 300 dragons, and giant turtles.

In addition to 'Ten Thousand Ships', HBO's 'House of the Dragon', another spin-off, is set to premiere on June 16th, both in the US and Germany, with the second season scheduled for June 17th.