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The energy company needs to address accusations of fraud.

Are thousands of energy customers of Stadtenergie GmbH possibly being overcharged? Independent investigators are probing claims of fraudulent practices.

Various euro banknotes lie on a table.
Various euro banknotes lie on a table.

Investigating instances or occurrences - The energy company needs to address accusations of fraud.

City energy supplier Stadtenergie is facing accusations of fraud. On their website, they confessed to having "unevennesses in indiviual customer bills" during the 2022/23 season. This was disclosed during the publishing of their financial annual reports for 2023. Stadtenergie GmbH is a subsidiary of Dortmunder Energie- und Wasserversorgung (DEW21).

Before this revelation, multiple news sources reported on ongoing investigations by Ruhr Nachrichten into billing fraud with exceptionally high tariffs. Allegedly, the damage could total millions of dollars and impact tens of thousands of customers utilizing electricity and gas.

The company initially withheld sharing any precise figures. "Stadtenergie's anomalies are being thoroughly explored," they stated on their homepage. DEW21 initiated "a sequence of essential actions" at their subsidiary company, according to their publicized marketing strategy providing inexpensive green power and gas. For instance, a manager was promptly dismissed and outsourced experts were tasked with a thorough investigation of the incident. As of now, no additional information on the ongoing investigations could be delivered.

"Stadtenergie has reached out to the district attorney's office. No criminal charges have been made yet." Individuals affected by incorrect billing would be informed immediately and any wrongful billing would, of course, be rectified. Affected customers are not required to initiate any actions on their own. "We regret any potential disturbance caused." DEW21 rejects any type of illegal activities. The energy distribution remains unharmed by the event.

Message from DEW21 Information: Stadtenergie GmbH

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