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Solitary warrior seeks a stimulating feeling.

A coin determines the winner of "Battle of the Reality Stars" in its fifth season, and this celebrity earns the crown.

The three finalists: Cecilia (l.), Calvin and Lilo.
The three finalists: Cecilia (l.), Calvin and Lilo.

Reality TV stars engage in a fight - Solitary warrior seeks a stimulating feeling.

In the climax of the fifth season of "Reality Stars Battle" (Thursdays at 8:15 PM on RTLzwei and RTL+), remaining eight celebrities sing "Finale," an ode to "Volare." However, the joy quickly turns sour as the last game commences. The producers construct a monument with an old-fashioned phone on the beach, complete with cables. The stars gather around as the phone rings, and the first to answer is Cecilia Asoro.

Cecilia's sharp instinct and speed result in her receiving immunity. She chooses one contestant to proceed to the next round. She selects Christoph Oberheide. He, in turn, hands the phone to Isi Glück, and the cycle continues. Nina Anhan must select one contestant between Chris Manazidis and Noah Cremer. Chris must leave the competition.

Next, the participants partake in a word-based challenge. The goal is to extract relevant words from a jumbled alphabet. Following this, they face a muddy pit in search of the needed letters. Isi, Nina, and Lilo von Kiesenwetter have the poorest performance. However, only two of these ladies must exit. A unanimous decision is required.

Lilo surprisingly pushes for herself, initially suggesting that all three should be expelled in protest. But then, this 70-year-old grandmother changes her stance, determined to show viewers that elder individuals can succeed in a reality show. The ruthless Lilo switches sides, and Lilo, Nina, and Isi settle on voting for Lilo and Nina to advance.

Thus, five participants remain: Calvin Kleinen, Cecilia, Noah, Christoph, and Lilo. However, only three can proceed to the final round. The deciding factor is popularity. In a secretive manner, the five contestants distribute their ten final points among their opponents. There's no scheming, and competitors vote for their preferred competitors.

Noah receives no points, and neither does Christoph. Calvin earns 23 points, Lilo gains 11, and Cecilia garners 9. The two finalists with the most consecutive stays in the Sala are Calvin and Cecilia. In their victory celebration, Lilo drinks champagne from the belly of her 40-year-old bro, Calvin.

A quartet of eliminated contestants fails to return to knock down the Sala. Gisele Oppermann and Elsa Latifaj are absent following a fight, as well as Ben Tewaag, Keno Veith, and Annemie Herren. Their departure isn't even acknowledged.

The eliminated contestants band together to support their favorite. Cecilia aligns with nine others, while Calvin has five supporters. Lilo and Chris share a single teammate. In the face of nine tasks, these teams with dissimilar numbers race against the clock for 45 minutes. Cecilia's mob possesses the most decision-making power regarding who participates in which game. However, Chris fearlessly takes on tasks alone for Lilo. The eliminated stars subsequently swarm the area and shatter the furniture with frenzy, searching for the last coins.

In the final "Hour of Truth," the stolen coins become the focus. Calvin, Cecilia, and Chris divulge how many coins they've snatched from their counterparts during the challenges. The revelation of Chris's six stolen coins diverts attention. As Calvin and Cecilia tie in coin distribution, the final tokens available from the last round dictate the winner. This entertaining, less chaotic season crowns Calvin as the "Reality Star 2024," excelling in both popularity and game performance balanced between mass appeal and drama.

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The contestant Chris Manazidis, unfortunately, gets eliminated in the word-based challenge, leaving a spot for someone else to advance. During the vote, Lilo from Kiesenwetter surprises everyone by advocating for her own elimination and supporting elder individuals in reality shows. In the final round, Calvin Kleinen and Cecilia achieve the most consecutive stays in the Sala and are considered the favorites, with Calvin eventually crowned as the "Reality Star 2024," who excelled in both popularity and game performance. Different teams of eliminated contestants collaborate to support their favorite competitors, with Calvin and Cecilia having the most supporters. The season finale also highlights the stolen coins, with Chris Manazidis being revealed as the one with the most coins, adding an unexpected twist to the competition's conclusion.