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Seventeen-time hot dog champion disqualified from eating events due to having a vegan sponsor.

Joey Chestnut, the acclaimed hot dog eating champion, is barred from a famous eating contest due to a sponsorship argument. His recent backer promotes vegetarian meat alternatives.

Disqualified because of vegan sponsor: 16-time hot dog champion Joey Chestnut
Disqualified because of vegan sponsor: 16-time hot dog champion Joey Chestnut

Joey Chestnut swallows record-breaking hot dogs in just 10 minutes. - Seventeen-time hot dog champion disqualified from eating events due to having a vegan sponsor.

This announcement might be a tough pill to swallow for numerous fans of the traditional hot dog contest in Coney Island, New York - 16-time titleholder Joey Chestnut has been banned from participating in this year's event. The reason given: Chestnut signed a deal with a rival company, which pits him against his former sponsor. The new player in the game is Impossible Foods, a manufacturer of plant-based meat substitutes.

Major League Eating, a co-organizer of the annual hot dog competition held on the Fourth of July in Coney Island, stated they were "devastated on the ground" over Chestnut's partnership with the rival company. According to a spokesperson from the organization, since Chestnut now promotes a different hot dog brand, he is unable to join the event in Coney Island.

Chestnut "greatly dismayed" by his disqualification

The hot dog bash is co-organized by Major League Eating and Nash's Famous, a chain of restaurants renowned for its hot dogs in a soft bun. The Coney Island event, held at an iconic hot dog stand operated by the company, showcases Nash's hot dogs. Rooted in tradition, the event traces its history back to 1916.

Although Chestnut now backs Impossible Foods, Major League Eating still hailed the 40-year-old as an "American hero." However, the tabloid "New York Post" described the decision as "hard to swallow." Chestnut, himself, expressed his disappointment over his exclusion.

"I love participating in this event," and I'd trained to defend my title, Chestnut shared in an Instagram and X post. But he sent a fighting message to his fans: "You'll definitely see me consuming hot dogs soon!"

Netflix to broadcast Chestnut vs. Kobayashi face-off in September

Chestnut might be cheered by news from streaming platform Netflix. On Wednesday, it announced a live broadcast of a Chestnut-Kobayashi face-off scheduled for September 2nd. This would mark the first encounter between the two hottest hot dog eaters since 15 years.

With Chestnut ruled out of the traditional hot dog contest in New York on Independence Day, Netflix jumped on the opportunity.

Kobayashi played a significant role in the history of eating competitions and won the "Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest" six times. In 2010, he was disqualified from the event due to a contract disagreement with Major League Eating. The rivalry between Chestnut and Kobayashi used to be the driving force at Nash's competitions.

Chestnut owns the world record for most hot dogs consumed in ten minutes

Chestnut has won the contest in Coney Island not only 16 times in total, but also holds the world record there for consuming 76 hot dogs in just ten minutes in 2021. The previous year, he won with 62 hot dogs. Competitors typically swallow the sausages without chewing and soak the bun in water to make them easier to consume. The competition ends when a participant gives up.

Chestnut also holds records for eating various other foods - from asparagus to gyozas, or Japanese dumplings. American eating competitions, however, have their detractors who argue they send out the wrong message in a country where over a third of adults are overweight.



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Despite his disqualification from the traditional hot dog contest in Coney Island, fans can still watch Joey Chestnut compete against his rival, Takeru Kobayashi, in a live broadcast on Netflix in September. Chestnut, a 17-time champion and record-breaker, expressed his disappointment about missing the Coney Island event but promised to consume hot dogs soon. The 'Eating Competition' legend owns the world record for consuming the most hot dogs in ten minutes, with 76 hotdogs in 2021.



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