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"Seriencamp" festival introduces latest season of "Kleo"

The largest German series festival in Cologne-Ehrenfeld entices attendees with numerous highly anticipated premieres.

Actress Jella Haase speaks with her award for "Kleo" as Best Actress at the German Television Award...
Actress Jella Haase speaks with her award for "Kleo" as Best Actress at the German Television Award 2023 in the Coloneum.

Press/Publications Reinterpret Information - "Seriencamp" festival introduces latest season of "Kleo"

Germany's biggest series event, running in Cologne until Friday, will showcase approximately 30 series from around the globe. The "Seriencamp" kicked off on Wednesday evening with the debut of the RTL plus-production "I am Dagobert," starring Friedrich Mucke as the store-extortionist character Arno Funke, known for Germany's longest extortion case. Funke was said to be present as a consultant for the production. The festival also includes a second season of "Kleo," a German Netflix series starring Jella Haase as Kleo Jennifer Straub, a former contract killer in East Germany. "The Acolyte", the first episodes of the Star Wars series, may be a hit among fans.

The "Seriencamp" celebrates its 10th year in production this year. Previously in Munich, the pandemic relocated the event to the online realm. Last year, it relocated to Cologne's district of Ehrenfeld. The screenings, which are free to the public, are accompanied by a wide-ranging program comprising panels, podcasts, lectures, and audience activities. The "Seriencamp Conference" for industry professionals runs concurrently. Festival director Simone Schellmann expressed great excitement: "We're thrilled to bring our festival back to Cologne for our anniversary year. This city's thriving media scene is the ideal choice for our milestone."

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  1. Despite the relocation to Cologne due to the pandemic, the Blackmailer character Arno Funke, who was famous for Germany's longest extortion case, served as a consultant for the RTL plus-production "I am Dagobert," shown at the 10th annual "Seriencamp" festival in North Rhine-Westphalia.
  2. During the "Seriencamp," viewers can expect to see episodes of "Kleo," a German Netflix series, whose second season features Arno Funke's consultant role and the character of Friedrich Mücke, among other international media productions.
  3. Swinging by the "Seriencamp" in Cologne, one won't miss the opportunity to immerse in a variety of panel discussions, podcasts, lectures, and audience activities, alongside the screening of "Kleo" Season 2 and other series.
  4. This year being the 10th anniversary of the "Seriencamp," the event may attract even more attendees, like Arno Funke, to celebrate the thriving media scene in Cologne, the perfect backdrop for this festival.
  5. Already affected by the pandemic, the impact of the flooding in the region is felt by the "Seriencamp," as well, with some media professionals potentially unable to attend due to the aftermath of mud, a reminder that even the entertainment industry is not impervious to external challenges.