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"Serial Camp": New "Kleo" Season Featuring Jella Haase

In Cologne-Ehrenfeld's most significant German series festival, eager fans flock for numerous highly anticipated premieres. A hit German Netflix show heads the lineup.

The second season of "Kleo" is shown in Cologne. Jella Haase plays the leading role.
The second season of "Kleo" is shown in Cologne. Jella Haase plays the leading role.

Live video broadcasting made easy. - "Serial Camp": New "Kleo" Season Featuring Jella Haase

A major German event showcasing over 30 series from around the globe is taking place in Cologne until Friday. The "Seriencamp" kicked off on Wednesday evening with the debut of "I Am Dagobert", a production by RTL Plus centering around the longest bribery case in Germany's history. Friedrich Muck stars as Arno Funke, a department store extortionist. Funke was present during filming, serving as an advisor for the production team, it was revealed.

"Kleo" season 2, a popular German Netflix series revolving around former East German assassin Kleo Jennifer Straub (played by Jella Haase), is also featured. Highlights for attendees could include the premiere episodes of "The Acolyte", a new Star Wars series.

Serving as a counterpart to the public screenings is the "Seriencamp Conference" for industry professionals. "We're thrilled to host our festival in Cologne once more", stated festival director Simone Schellmann. "This vibrant media city makes for an ideal setting for our 10th-anniversary celebration."

The "Seriencamp" originally took place in Munich, but switched to an online format amidst the pandemic. Cologne's Ehrenfeld district played host to last year's edition. The events, which offer free admission, come with an extensive supporting program that includes panels, podcasts, lectures, and audience activities.

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  1. Attendees of the "Seriencamp" in Cologne may also be interested in the online panel discussion about the role of Blackmailers in German television series, led by renowned media expert Arno Funke.
  2. Despite the online shift caused by the pandemic, the "Seriencamp" has returned to a physical location in Germany, with North Rhine-Westphalia serving as the host state for its 10th anniversary celebration.
  3. As a notable addition to the series lineup, Netflix is debuting the second season of "Kleo", a critically acclaimed German series that has gained popularity worldwide, especially among streaming audiences.
  4. The Blackmailer theme in television series has recently become a hot topic in media discourses, with many producers seeking input from experts like Arno Funke to ensure authentic portrayals.
  5. With the return of the "Seriencamp" to a live event in Cologne, visitors can expect an increased focus on lesser-known TV shows, as Netflix and other streaming platforms continue to compete for audience attention in a saturated market.
  6. Some industry insiders have speculated that the shift to livestreaming could potentially lead to a controversial issue of exploitation, as some shows may be using "RTL"-style practices to produce content under pressure from Blackmailers.
  7. In response to these concerns, the festival organizers have introduced new measures to ensure ethical conduct during the production of series, including increased security for industry professionals and collaborating with experienced consultants like Friedrich Mücke.