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Live updates on the ongoing Ukraine conflict

Russian President Vladimir Putin lays flowers at the monument to the Cities of Heroes in Moscow.
Russian President Vladimir Putin lays flowers at the monument to the Cities of Heroes in Moscow.


Serbia covertly boosts its arms sales to the West, contributing to Ukraine's defense, despite abstaining from the western sanctions against Russia. Financial Times estimates put the value of these arms sales at roughly 800 million Euro that have reached Ukraine since Russia's aggression. Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić verified the accuracy of this figure in an interview, describing it as a significant part of their economic growth and an important export. He emphasized Serbia's neutrality in the conflict.

In a post on Twitter, Barbados and the Marshall Islands announced their approval of the Ukrainian peace summit declaration in Switzerland. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed his appreciation for the growing global backing for Ukraine's peace agreement, adhering to the UN Charter. The peace summit took place on June 15 and 16, with over 90 countries and organizations participating. Eighty of the 93 participating nations endorsed a joint declaration, excluding Russia, who was not invited, and China, who declined to attend.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for immediate Western assistance with air defense after the eastern city of Charkiw was bombed by Russia. In his evening address, he stated that Ukraine had already gained the capacity to destroy Russian launch points and troop concentrations near the border. Zelenskyy spoke of three fatalities and numerous injuries from the Russian attack. The casualty count later rose to 56, including three children.

Media reports suggest Russia is firing missiles from vessels in the Azov Sea. Spokesperson for the Ukrainian Navy, Dmytro Pletenchuk, claimed that four of the 16 missiles were Kalibr cruise missiles. The missiles were fired from the Azov Sea due to security concerns in the Black Sea. Pletenchuk warned the Russian armed forces not to feel too secure in the Azov Sea, as approximately 30% of the Russian Black Sea fleet was reportedly destroyed by December 2023.

At least 52 individuals were injured and three died following a Russian attack on the Ukrainian city of Charkiw. The injury count includes three children.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy reported that Russia has launched over 2400 guided bombs on Ukraine in the last three weeks, with 700 of these targeting the second largest Ukrainian city, Charkiw. He pleaded with allies to swiftly provide military aid to protect the country.

A part of the Russian forces have retreated from the Wowschansk region in the Charkiw area. This was reported by Nasar Woloschyn, spokesperson for the Chortyzja Group, a unit of the Ukrainian ground troops, on state television. Russia initiated a new offensive in the northern region of Charkiw on May 10, and the city of Wowschansk became a major battleground as a result.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is participating in a commemoration event marking the 83rd anniversary of the attack on the Soviet Union by Nazi Germany on June 22, 1941. Putin, other military officials, and graduates of military academies are partaking in the ceremony.

The National Technical University for Oil and Gas in the western Ukrainian city of Iwano-Frankiwsk has been severely damaged by a Russian attack. Fourteen buildings on the campus are reportedly affected. The state Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz has agreed to aid in the repair and reconstruction of the university.

A Russian air defense system downed a Ukrainian drone over the Bryansk region in western Russia. The Russian Defense Ministry made the announcement through the TASS news agency.

17:41 US shuts down two Russian visa centersThe United States is shutting down two Russian visa centers in New York and Washington. This information was shared by the Russian news agency TASS, quoting Russian Ambassador to Washington, Anatoli Antonov. The US administration is also taking back the tax benefits for Russian diplomats. Antonov described this as "another petty, malicious attack on Russian diplomats," according to TASS. Antonov also hinted at possible retaliatory measures from Russia. In Germany, there are Russian visa centers located in Berlin, Bonn, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Leipzig, and Munich.

17:13 Zelensky: At least 3 deaths in Russian attack on Kharkiv

Due to a Russian attack on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, the death toll has risen to 3. This was announced by the governor of the Kharkiv region, Oleg Synegubov, on Telegram. Synegubov also stated that the number of injured has increased to 37. 4 of them remain in critical condition. Earlier, the mayor of the city, Igor Terekhov, had announced on Telegram about 2 deaths and 18 injuries (entry 15:08). In response, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for decisive actions from his partners to enable the annihilation of Russian terrorists and combat aircraft where they reside.

16:55 German medics heal youths in Ukraine

Marc Friedrich is the founder of "Ambulance for Kids." The emergency medical team helps sick and injured children in Ukraine. In an interview with ntv, he describes his dangerous and emotional work and the challenges faced by his team.

16:16 Battle for Donetsk: Ukraine reports at least 5 deaths

In both the Russian and the Ukrainian-held parts of the Donetsk region, several deaths have occurred due to fighting. Ukrainian Governor of Donetsk, Wadym Filaschkin, wrote on Telegram that, the previous day, at least 5 people were killed in the region due to Russian attacks. 7 were reportedly injured. The head of the Russian-appointed administration in Donetsk, Denis Pushilin, had previously reported (entry 14:22) that 3 people were killed and 4 injured due to Ukrainian shelling.

15:45 Media report: Extensive damage to oil refinery in Southern Russia seen on satellite image

Following a Ukrainian drone attack on an oil refinery in the Russian city of Asov in the early hours of June 18, three out of the six fuel tanks are reported to have been destroyed based on satellite images, according to Mark Krutov, a correspondent for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), citing satellite images from X. The images are said to show the destruction in the before-and-after comparison. Krutov reports that it took 3 days to put out the fire at the Asov oil refinery. In recent months, the Ukrainian armed forces have carried out a series of attacks aimed at damaging the Russian oil industry, from whose profits Moscow finances the war.

15:08 Ukraine: 2 deaths in Russian attack on Kharkiv

Following a Russian attack on the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, there were reportedly 2 fatalities and 18 injuries. This was announced by Kharkiv Mayor Igor Terekhov on Telegram. Terekhov stated that there had been 4 shelling incidents in a residential area of the metropolis, with one house reportedly hit.

14:47 Sunak: Farage aids Putin

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has accused Nigel Farage of the newly founded Reform UK party of helping Russian President Vladimir Putin with his comments on the war in Ukraine. "We provoked this war," Farage previously said, sharing some of the blame for the war with the West. Farage also said that Putin, of course, bears responsibility for the war. But: "He has taken advantage of what we have done." Sunak says it's "completely wrong" that the West provoked Putin into attack. "This is a man who has used nerve agents on the streets of Great Britain, does business with countries like North Korea," Sunak says. "And this kind of appeasement is dangerous for the security of Britain, the security of our allies who rely on us, and encourages Putin even more." On July 4, the nearly 46.6 million registered voters in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland were called to new elections of the British Parliament.

14:22 Russia: 3 deaths in Ukrainian attack on Donetsk

According to reports of the Russian occupation administration, 3 people have been killed in a Ukrainian rocket attack on the city of Donetsk. The city was hit by HIMARS rockets, Denis Pushilin, the Russian-appointed head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk region, announced. 3 more people were reportedly injured in a drone attack near the settlement of Horlivka, and one person was injured in the explosion of a mine in Donetsk. The Donetsk region is located in eastern Ukraine and, along with the Luhansk region, which Russia also declared annexed, forms the industrial heartland of Donbass.

13:56 Russia conducting "sabotage of critical infrastructure"

Russia is reportedly sabotaging critical infrastructure in Europe more and more. This includes GPS disruptions in the Baltic region. In Ukraine, more than 56,000 fallen Russian soldiers' identities are being confirmed. Security expert Frank Umbach assesses the situation.

Ukraine Snags More French Radar for Air Defense or Airspace Control- Ukraine procured a second ControlMaster 200 radar system from France, used for monitoring their skies. Previously, they received a similar system the year prior. This isn't just a radar; it's an intricate setup of the ControlMaster 200 radar and the ControlView GBAD C2 electronic system, which processes every radar input and offers accurate data for missile guidance and targeting to air defense systems.

Fatal Civilian Casualties in Ukraine Due to Russian Aggression- The previous day in Ukraine saw the demise of eight civilians due to Russian aggression. Additionally, 19 individuals were wounded in 14 various regions throughout the country. Selydove in the Donetsk area was particularly hit hard; two people were killed there, while three sustained injuries. Damage was inflicted on several buildings and residences.

Power Outages Plaguing Ukraine due to Russian Assault on Energy Infrastructure- Following the latest Russian air raids on Ukraine's energy infrastructure, power suppliers have announced additional electricity disruptions throughout the afflicted nation. Ukrenergo, the energy company, anticipates numerous hourly outages between 14.00 and 24.00 hours due to the damage inflicted by the Russian attacks.

Russian Forces Stalled Near Kharkiv, Regrettably Continue Offensive- Instituto para o Estudo da Guerra (ISW), a US think tank, states that Russian forces have made no progress in their efforts to escalate their offensive in the Kharkiv region. The Ukrainian General Staff reports that ground attacks north of Kharkiv at Lyptsi and northeast of Kharkiv at Wowtschansk and Tyche (immediately east of Wowtschansk) took place on Thursday evening, but not on Friday. Instead, Russian forces concentrated on massive bombardments from the air. Russian military bloggers suggest that Ukrainian forces are counterattacking near Hlyboke north of Lyptsi, and there is intense fighting in Wowtschansk, with claims that Russian forces seized control of the entire power plant there.

Russian Armored Vehicle's Quality Questioned After Capture by Ukrainian Forces- Russian troops in the Ukrainian conflict are utilizing specialized tanks for protection. One of these mine-resistant armored vehicles was seized by the Ukrainians, reportedly in Donetsk. Ukrainian forces are now examining their new possession to discern its strengths and weaknesses.

John Bass, US Diplomat, Anticipates More Aid to Ukraine- US diplomat John Bass expects further support for Ukraine from Western allies in the coming weeks. The US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the US Department of State told Ukrainian news agency Ukrinform that he is optimistic that "additional steps" will be taken when officials meet with European partners in the upcoming week, and when President Zelenskyy and other top Ukrainian officials visit Washington in the coming month. Bass stated that the US refusing to supply anti-aircraft missiles to other countries but providing them to Ukraine was an unprecedented step.

Ukraine Disables Over 28 Artillery Systems of the Oppressors in a Day- According to the Ukrainian General Staff, Ukrainian forces destroyed a total of 28 artillery systems of the Russian aggressors the previous day, in addition to losing 1,100 soldiers. The total number of Russian personnel losses now stands at 533,090, as reported by Ukrainian military sources. Eight tanks and eleven infantry fighting vehicles were also destroyed.

Ukraine Prevails in Naval War against Russia- Improvisation, resourcefulness, and a military strategy that has proved successful against a seemingly overpowering opponent: Never has the Ukrainian resistance against the Russian colossus been more triumphant than in the Black Sea. outlines how Moscow has lost control and ships.

Ukrainian Air Defense Intercepts Most of Russian Rockets- The Ukrainian air defense forces report that they have intercepted approximately three-quarters of all Russian rockets launched the previous night. In total, they claim to have shot down 7 out of 10 X-101/X-555 missiles, 4 Kalibr missiles, 1 out of 2 Iskander missiles, and 13 Shahed drones. The rocket attacks were launched from the Black Sea, Crimea, and the Russian mainland, according to Ukrainian sources.

Identities of Over 56,000 Fallen Russian Soldiers Confirmed by Mediazona- In collaboration with the BBC, the independent Russian platform Mediazona has confirmed the identities of over 56,858 Russian soldiers who have lost their lives in Ukraine since February 2022. Kyiv Independent reports that the total number of casualties is likely to be even higher, as the verified information comes from public sources such as obituaries, donations from relatives, regional media reports, and statements from local authorities.

Injuries from Russian Rocket Attacks on Energy Infrastructure- Two people were hurt in a Russian rocket attack on energy infrastructure in the south and west parts of the country. A hospital in Saporischschja received two wounded technicians following the heavy attack, according to Ukrenerho's announcement on Telegram. The company's facilities in Lviv and Saporischschja sustained damage from the attack.

23:26 Zelensky: Negotiations with EU Can CommenceUkraine, as per President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has made a substantial stride towards the EU. "The European Union has approved the framework for Ukraine's negotiations - many have strived for this on multiple fronts," says Zelenskyy in his evening address. With this approval, negotiations can now commence seriously. This is a "significant achievement." According to Zelenskyy, Kiev has already assembled a negotiating team for the accession talks. The head of state is optimistic about the success of the negotiations. "Ukraine remains a part of united Europe," he says.

07:07 Ukraine: Key Russian Airbases Remain UntouchedAlthough the US authorizes the use of Western weapons against Russian targets, vital airbases in Russia remain inaccessible to Ukraine. This information is reported by "The Washington Post" from two anonymous Ukrainian officials. These airbases house Russian aircraft that rain bombs on Ukrainian cities, they claimed.

06:31 Ukrainian Energy Infrastructure Under AttackRussian forces carried out rocket and drone attacks on various Ukrainian regions overnight. In the Lviv oblast, a Russian rocket struck the energy infrastructure, causing a fire, according to "Kyiv Independent" quoting regional governor Maksym Kozytskyi. The extent of the damage is currently unknown. Besides Lviv, other cities also witnessed civilian infrastructure damage due to Russian attacks.

05:43 New Russian Drone Attacks in Western UkraineThe Ukrainian air defense records fresh Russian drone attacks throughout the night. Several blasts were heard in the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine. The regional military administration urged the public via Telegram not to share images of the incidents, to "not aid the enemy." No additional information is available about the potential targets of the missiles in Ukraine before morning.

04:59 Poland Scrambles Jet Fighters due to Russian AttacksDuring a Russian rocket attack on Ukraine, Poland dispatched military jets into the air. The operational command of the Polish armed forces reported on the X platform, "An increase in noise levels in the southern part of the country due to the taking off of Polish and allied aircraft in our airspace may be expected." The reports indicate an extensive long-range air activity of the Russians, which is linked with cruise missile attacks, "Shaheed" type drones, and ballistic missiles. The target is western Ukraine.

03:59 US Imposes Sanctions on Kaspersky Lab ExecutivesThe US government has imposed sanctions on 12 executives of the software company AO Kaspersky Lab. The US Treasury Department stated, "Today's action against the leadership of Kaspersky Lab reflects our commitment to safeguarding the integrity of our cyber domain and shielding our citizens from malicious cyber threats." The sanctions prohibit American companies or citizens from conducting business and financial transactions with the affected executives. Their assets in the US are frozen. The company was already banned from selling its antivirus software in the US starting September 29. The company denies any links to the Russian military or intelligence services.

02:58 Power Plants in Occupied Territories Attacked by DronesRussian authorities report a Ukrainian drone attack on two power plants in Enerhodar, which also supply the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant with electricity. According to the authorities, the power plants are currently offline. Most of the city's residents are now without power. According to reports from Russian news agencies, the Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant was undamaged. The agencies attribute this information to the head of the communications department of Zaporizhzhia. The drone attack had no effect on the nuclear power plant, he said. The power plant can be repaired. Ukraine has yet to comment on the report. Independent verification is lacking.

01:57 Farage Places Blame on West for Instigating PutinThe British right-wing populist Nigel Farage accuses the West of provoking Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine. "We have instigated the war," says the leader of the Reform UK party to the BBC. Reflecting on Russian President Vladimir Putin, he adds, "The persistent EU and NATO expansion has given Putin a reason for the war. Putin could tell his people that 'the West is after them.'" At the same time, Farage sees Putin as an aggressor: "Of course it's his fault." Farage, a long-standing EU parliamentarian, played a significant role in Brexit.

00:55 Ukrainian Ambassador Warns Against Politicizing Refugee IssueThe Ukrainian ambassador Oleksii Makeiev warns against exploiting the refugee issue for political purposes. "Victims of war should not be manipulated for political campaigns," Makeiev tells Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (RND) regarding the claim that too few of the Ukrainian refugees in Germany are working and too many receive social benefits. "The requirement to first demonstrate a certain language proficiency in German delays employment," he says. "Many of them have a university degree; some have even earned a doctorate. And yet they cannot find work here." Makeiev is in constant contact with Germany's Labor Minister Hubertus Heil regarding integrating Ukrainian asylum seekers into the labor market. Efforts are being made to "actively integrate them into the job market."

22:14 Ukraine Pushes for Second Peace Talk This YearLooks like Ukraine is looking to host another international peace dialogue this year, according to Igor Schowkwa, Vice President of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration. He shared this tidbit with Interfax Ukraine, stating, "We're aiming to host the second peace conference before the year's end." Ukraine's ultimate goal? Securing peace ASAP. There's a good chance this conference will take place in a country from the global South. The first peace confab went down on June 15 and 16 in Switzerland. If Russia pulls its troops out of Ukrainian territory right away, Ukraine's ready to pick up where they left off with negotiations, according to Schowkwa.

21:38 Netherlands to Send Patriot Missile System to UkraineThe Netherlands, along with an unspecified ally, plan to ship a Patriot air defense system to Ukraine, as per Dutch Defense Minister Kajsa Ollongren, who broke the news to Dutch news agency ANP. Ollongren didn't dish out details about the partner country or the delivery timeline. It was previously reported in May that the Netherlands aimed to construct and send a Patriot system to Ukraine in the near future with backing from other nations.

20:57 Estonia Halts Narva Border Crossing to RussiaEstonia is closing the border crossing in Narva with Russia for security reasons over the weekend. The cops and border authority of the Baltic EU and NATO nation explained the move due to lengthy delays in border controls on the Russian side. Reports suggest border crossers had to wait for hours to pass through the border on Thursday and Friday. To guard against potential threats to public health and order, the border crossing will remain shut on Saturday and Sunday, the authority revealed. Estonian media guess that the delayed checks might be connected to the planned Estonian Day of Victory against the Red Army in Narva on June 23.

You cancatch up on past happenings here.

Russian President Vladimir Putin lays flowers at the monument to the Cities of Heroes in Moscow.

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  1. Despite Serbia's neutrality in the Ukraine conflict, the country has secretly transferred ammunition to Ukraine through intermediaries, contributing to Ukraine's defense, as revealed by Financial Times' estimates of 800 million Euro worth of arms sales since Russia's aggression.
  2. Following the Ukrainian peace summit declaration's approval by Barbados and the Marshall Islands, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy expressed gratitude for growing global backing, emphasizing adherence to the UN Charter. This summit saw 90 countries and organizations participate, with 80 endorsing the declaration, excluding Russia and China.
  3. Amidst ongoing military operations between Ukraine and Russia, Volodymyr Zelenskyy called for immediate Western assistance with air defense after the eastern city of Charkiw was bombed by Russia, resulting in at least 52 casualties, including three children.
  4. Russia's cyberwar against Ukraine also includes attacks on critical infrastructure, such as the National Technical University for Oil and Gas in Iwano-Frankiwsk, which was severely damaged by a cyberattack, affecting 14 buildings on the campus.