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Rostock reacts: Ticket restriction and choreo ban

Hansa Rostock fans have often made negative headlines recently. The club specifies its plans to counteract the repeated fan riots.

Paramedics stand in front of their ambulances during an operation in front of the stadium.
Paramedics stand in front of their ambulances during an operation in front of the stadium.

After fan riots - Rostock reacts: Ticket restriction and choreo ban

Following the serious riots in Paderborn, FC Hansa Rostock has specified its plans to prevent future fan riots. In addition to structural changes to the Ostseestadion, the plans also concern ticket access for fans. The club announced on Wednesday evening that tickets for the away games at Hannover 96 and VfL Osnabrück in February will only be available to club members and only for individual sale. There will also be a choreo ban at home matches until the end of March.

"After the two away matches, FC Hansa Rostock will decide whether the measure introduced can be suspended on probation until the end of the season," the club announced with regard to ticket allocation. Because Rostock supporters also went on the rampage at FC St. Pauli in Hamburg in the spring, the stricter rules will apply to the next game at Millerntor at the end of April anyway.

Recently, the fans of the struggling second division club have repeatedly attracted negative attention. In this context, the mayor of Rostock was concerned about the reputation of the Hanseatic city. Rostock supporters had recently caused violent riots during the 3-0 defeat in Paderborn last Friday evening. According to the police, 38 people were injured. Hansa fans had set off pyrotechnics, thrown objects at police officers and smashed up drinks and food stalls.

Rostock estimated the damage caused by the evening in East Westphalia at 50,000 euros. The club once again distanced itself from the perpetrators and announced that it would do "everything possible" to "permanently exclude such people from the stadium and the club".

Hansa also announced that it would initiate stadium bans with the help of the police. Following the events in Paderborn, the police also want to use an investigation commission to find the troublemakers from Rostock. "We have a huge amount of photo and video material to review," said a spokesperson for the Paderborn police. "There are also agreements with our colleagues from Rostock." With the help of the Rostock police, as many Hansa supporters as possible are to be identified. Witnesses can submit photos and videos anonymously via a North Rhine-Westphalia police tip-off portal.

The club's plans for change also affect the Ostseestadion. After the riots in the match against Schalke on December 10, Hansa announced several measures to separate visiting and home fans more strictly. The match had been interrupted for half an hour because Schalke fans had broken through the barrier to the home supporters' area and tried to get into the home section. Rostock supporters also got into a buffer zone between the fan camps. The police were then able to push both camps back.

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