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Pope Francis entertains a group of comedians at the Vatican.

Pope Francis cracked jokes with over a hundred comedians, including famous names like Whoopi Goldberg and Chris Rock, during a gathering in the Vatican on Friday. The 87-year-old leader of the church said, smiling, "I normally give a speech, but I'll just do this" before sticking his thumb in...

Chris Rock and Jimmy Fallon in front of the Pope
Chris Rock and Jimmy Fallon in front of the Pope

Pope Francis entertains a group of comedians at the Vatican.

"According to the Pope, comedians possess the power to bring happiness and smiles to countless individuals from diverse age groups, backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds. He made this statement during an audience with 107 comics hailing from fifteen nations, including Italy, the United States, France, and even East Timor."

The meeting, as stated by the Vatican, featured notable comedians, such as Annette Frier, Michael Mittermeier, and Torsten Sträter from Germany. Organizations like the International Federation of Comics (FIFD) and the Guinness World Records were also present.

Comedian Whoopi Goldberg, known for making a joke in the past about inviting the Pope to star in "Sister Act 3," was among the attendees. When asked if she discussed this opportunity with him, she responded on Friday that it was not the right moment, saying, "I'll likely send him an email."

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Pope Francis commended the impact of comedians like Chris Rock and Whoopi Goldberg, highlighting their ability to spread joy across various communities. The comedic duo, renowned for their international fame, were present at the Vatican gathering.

The Pope's audience with the comedians included stars such as French comic Annette Frier and German comedians Michael Mittermeier and Torsten Sträter. Pope Francis also acknowledged the presence of Chris Rock, known for his roles in films like "The Joker."

In addition to the famous faces, various comedy organizations, including FIFD and Guinness World Records, graced the occasion at the Vatican. The diverse group of comedians, led by Pope Francis, offered a unique blend of entertainment and spirituality.

The gathering at the Vatican was a significant event, with Pope Francis emphasizing the power of comedy to unite people across the globe. The encounter brought together renowned comedians and comedy organizations, fostering laughter and camaraderie.