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Numerous enthusiasts captured in photographs: Romania's EM launch

In Würzburg, Romania's soccer team is greeted warmly with thousands of fans observing their training session. The city's hotel had its work cut out for it in accommodating the visiting team.

Romanian players pose before an international friendly match between Romania and Bulgaria at the...
Romanian players pose before an international friendly match between Romania and Bulgaria at the Steaua Stadium in Bucharest. The Romanian team starts this Tuesday in Würzburg.

Football players undergo head injury assessment. - Numerous enthusiasts captured in photographs: Romania's EM launch

Romania's national football team arrived in Germany with a warm welcome, as evident in the packed public training session in Würzburg on Tuesday morning. With over 3,000 fans attending, the initial plan of 2,500 free admission tickets had to be expanded upon by the city and regional league team Würzburger Kickers.

The team, led by Ianis Hagi, son of the legendary footballer Gheorghe Hagi, had already received cheers from some fans at their hotel on Monday night. Romania will be the opening opponent for Ukraine in the European Championship in Germany, set to take place in Munich on Monday (3:00 p.m., RTL and MagentaTV).

Basking in Pride

Bayerischer Rundfunk reported that the team's accommodation in the hotel was a "great achievement" for the association, leaving the hotel director, Dagmar Wagenpfahl-Lagrange, "absolutely delighted". The association also prepared a 40-page booklet detailing the food preferences of the pro players, with their team head coach Edward Iordanescu. The hotel rooms were emptied of all pictures, as the Romanian association brought their own. "It's a feeling of pride," said defender Radu Dragusin, currently playing for Tottenham Hotspur, regarding the displayed photos.

The Romanian team will also receive a welcome at Würzburg's town hall in the afternoon. Although the team and coach aren't expected to attend, former Bundesliga pro Vlad Munteanu will be giving a speech. After their match against Ukraine, Romania will face Belgium (June 22, 9:00 p.m.) and Slovakia (June 26, 6:00 p.m.) in the group stage. "Our goal is to advance from the group," shared Dragusin.

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The Würzburger Kickers, a local Bavarian soccer team, contributed to the increased capacity for Romania's training session, as the initial 2,500 free tickets weren't enough for the enthusiastic crowd. The Romanian national team, led by Ianis Hagi, is set to face Ukraine in Group E of the European Championship (EM), which will take place in Munich. During the training session, midfielder Radu Dragusin expressed his pride regarding the Romanian association's presence in Würzburg. The Würzburg Kickers are well-known in the realm of German soccer, having participated in several international training sessions. For soccer fans eager to follow Romania's journey in the EM, they can keep up with the team's updates through the official Instagram account.