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Not in the mood for the IOC: Darts boss rails heavily against the Olympics

When it comes to darts, they like to put on their own show and don't allow themselves to be talked into it. When it comes to the Olympics, there are signs of a conflict between stars and bosses.

Can imagine darts at the Olympics: Michael van Gerwen.
Can imagine darts at the Olympics: Michael van Gerwen.

Potential for conflict - Not in the mood for the IOC: Darts boss rails heavily against the Olympics

Olympics? No, thank you! Contrary to the hopes of their stars, the darts bosses have confirmed their complete disinterest in inclusion in the Olympic program and severely criticized the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Werner von Moltke, Managing Director of the PDC Europe, used particularly harsh words with regard to the organizers. "The Olympics is a crime. The IOC members involved are all lining their pockets and the performers get nothing. They have to fight hard afterwards to get through sponsors," von Moltke told the German Press Agency.

As the IOC wants to make the games younger and more modern, there are always rumors about the possible inclusion of darts. These are also being fueled by the pros. Star player Michael van Gerwen from the Netherlands told "Sport Bild" ahead of the current World Championships in London: "If shooting is Olympic, why not darts?" He knows that "the physical part is missing. But mentally, darts is tougher than any other sport. It's a one-on-one battle, match for match."

"Nothing we are interested in"

Some of the pros may dream of gold medals, Olympic rings and unique fame. The bosses see it very differently. Not only von Moltke, but also PDC boss Matthew Porter clearly rejects the idea: "No, that's not something we're interested in. We are a company and not a traditional association. It's difficult because we have two organizations, the PDC and the WDF. I don't see any realistic chances. I also don't think it would be of any great benefit to the sport of darts."

The complicated association situation is not the only obstacle. The PDC and the PDC Europe have created a show according to their rules in recent years. They want to keep it that way. "We don't want to be talked into it. We don't want to dictate anything or nominate a squad. We don't want that, it's presumptuous," said von Moltke.

The son of former top athlete Werner von Moltke is convinced that the sport belongs in professional hands. "And that's where money is made: NFL, NBA, Formula 1 - private organizations. That's the most honest thing in the end." For von Moltke, "nowhere" is there greater corruption than in world sport. The darts boss does not have a positive word to say about the IOC and its work. The core Olympic sports of athletics, swimming and gymnastics "no longer play a role" for von Moltke.

Although the IOC does not pay Olympic champions a bonus, according to its own annual reports it passes on 90 percent of the billions in revenue to the international sports federations and the National Olympic Committees. The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) alone received 30 million euros from IOC sources between the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo five years later.

Professionals insist on a chance at the Olympics

The discussion about darts and the Olympics comes up again and again, often around the World Championships in London and before an Olympic year - like now. "It's a topic that doesn't concern us at all. It is often brought to us by third parties. I won't spend a minute on this topic," said von Moltke, who recently railed against the Olympics and the IOC at a press conference with the German Primus Gabriel Clemens.

As the world federation, the WDF would be the point of contact for a possible inclusion, but the best players in the world are all active in the PDC. This makes things even more complicated. The pros are convinced that inclusion would be justified. "Darts has the potential to become an Olympic sport. It's also a very demanding and strenuous sport," said Martin Schindler.

Primus Michael Smith sees it the same way. "Darts should already be there. You want to be world champion, you want to win a gold medal, you want to take part in the Olympic Games," said the Englishman. The bosses obviously see it quite differently.

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