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Netflix's Controversial "Reindeer Baby" Makes It to the Top Ten List

The popular spring streaming show, titled "Reindeer Baby," captivates audiences globally with its exploration of stalking and sexual assault in a British Netflix production.

Author and leading actor Gadd relentlessly describes traumatic experiences.
Author and leading actor Gadd relentlessly describes traumatic experiences.

Online Viewing - Netflix's Controversial "Reindeer Baby" Makes It to the Top Ten List

Richard Gadd's dark British comedy "Rentierbaby," also known as "Baby Reindeer," has become one of the top 10 most successful English-language Netflix series of all time. Netflix revealed this information. The show revolves around a man being stalked by a woman and is alleged to be based on real life events experienced by Gadd.

A woman claiming to be the stalker filed a lawsuit against Netflix in California, seeking $170 million (approximately €160 million) in damages, among other things, for "loss of enjoyment of life."

"Rentierbaby" surpasses "The Witcher"

The seven-part series, released on April 11, gathered about 84.5 million views in just over eight and a half weeks. This figure is calculated by dividing the number of hours watched by the total runtime, which in this case is less than four hours.

This show kicked "The Witcher" out of the top ten in the "Most Popular TV (English)" category. The first season of the American-Polish series from 2019 amassed 93.8 million views. Netflix's "Bridgerton," a costume series from 2022, is now in ninth place with 93.8 million views. The third season of the historical series is currently airing.

The top spot in the "Most Popular TV (English)" category (which also includes "TV (Non-English)" and "Film (English)" and "Film (Non-English)") is taken by the comedy-horror series "Wednesday," released in 2022, with a total of 252 million views.

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The controversy surrounding "Rentierbaby" has reached international media, with discussions about the allegations of stalking and the real-life inspiration behind the comedian Richard Gadd's work.

Despite the controversy, the series continues to gain popularity on streaming platforms, with reindeer baby memes flooding the internet.

The success of "Rentierbaby" in Great Britain has even attracted a potential spin-off, with plans for a possible live adaptation in London's West End.

As the series tops the charts on Netflix, some viewers have expressed concern about the glamorization of stalking on television, sparking debates about accountability and responsible representation in media.

Despite the backlash, the comedian Richard Gadd has embraced his newfound fame, using social media to engage with his fans and promote his work.

Fans of dark comedy and controversial storylines are flocking to the series, driving its viewership numbers higher on streaming platforms worldwide.

The surge in popularity of "Rentierbaby" has also attracted the attention of rival streaming services, prompting speculation about potential bidding wars for future seasons.