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Many people assemble for a vigil on Sylt.

Protesters assemble in Kampen, responding to reported racial slurs in a Sylt bar. They aim to show their opposition to far-right activities.

After racism scandal - vigil on Sylt.
After racism scandal - vigil on Sylt.

Following a controversial clip. - Many people assemble for a vigil on Sylt.

A group of about 70-80 individuals gathered together in the town of Kampen for a vigil, sparked by a video of racist shouting that occurred on Sylt. This took place on Sunday afternoon, and the event ended without incident, according to a police spokesperson. The gathering was organized by an association of civil society groups from Sylt. One sign at the protest read "Sylt. On the left. Not on the right!"

During the event, the organizers shared their thoughts about the occurrence at the Pony restaurant, which was captured on video: "It's really sad, and it's worrisome that something like this is happening here on Sylt."

Another demonstration, with the slogan "Sylt against the right!", is scheduled for next Sunday. A representative of this organization stated, "We are taking a firm stance: racism and right-wing ideologies have no place on Sylt. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, we advocate for a vibrant island where everyone can thrive."

A short video, about 10 seconds in length, gained wide attention on Thursday. In the footage, a group of young people can be heard shouting racist slogans while mimicking the tune of Gigi D'Agostino's over 20-year-old party anthem "L'amour toujours." They appear to be singing "Germany for the Germans - foreigners out!" with little inhibition or remorse. One person even makes a gesture resembling the Hitler salute. The bystanders in the video do not seem to be concerned by the actions of these young people. The pony restaurant submitted a criminal complaint following the circulation of the video, and the state security department of the police is looking into charges of incitement to hatred and the use of unconstitutional symbols.

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