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Investing in real estate is one of the most reliable and lucrative ways to invest and grow your money.

In the UAE, one of the most attractive countries because of its mild investment climate, reliability, stable economy and investment security, Abu Dhabi and Dubai stand out in this market.

Guide to investing in real estate Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant and dynamic city that offers unique opportunities for investors from around the world.

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According to DLD reports in Dubai in 2023 concluded deals worth AED 412 billion, which is 56% more than in the year before. The number of deals rose by a third to 133,000 and recorded a record of almost 69,000 off-plan transactions. About 70% of transactions were in 10 prestigious areas of Dubai, and demand for the luxury segment has become a steady trend.

The value of residential real estate in Dubai increased by 14% compared to pre-pandemic figures - about AED 14 thousand. The strongest (from 4 to 21%) increased prices in prestigious areas of Dubai.

Many people are attracted to Downtown Dubai - the heart of the city, where the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and other attractions are located. There is a high demand for rentals here, but the price is also high. We know about Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and the touristy Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR). But is the choice of potential properties limited to them?

What you need to pay attention to

When buying real estate for investment, and even more so for personal use, you have to consider many factors. But not always have the time, desire and opportunity to conduct market research on their own. A good agent is able to maneuver between all the pitfalls, take into account all the wishes of the client, but the buyer is sometimes important to have a general idea of the area that he is considering for investment, and even more so life or recreation.

In any city, you need to pay attention to the transport accessibility of the area in which you buy housing, especially if it is new, at the stage of construction. After construction and settlement, entry and exit even in the most beautiful location can become a problem. It can be avoided at the stage of choosing an object, so it is important to contact a reliable expert, ready to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of locations.

For example, the Palm Jumeirah neighborhood is a real miracle of modern architecture, known all over the world. The passage is well thought out and executed qualitatively, it will not be difficult to get there. But there are also some places especially attractive for investments. More than 2,000 transactions have taken place there in a year, sales volume is up nearly 6% and the price per square foot of space is up 17.2%.

"I like the properties that the developer Omniyat is building right now. These are premium properties with about 100 apartments on 4.5 hectares of land. It's private, it's fully green infrastructure. You can take Al Nasim or Al Kasar as an example - there is almost a tropical forest there," says Petr Raspopov, General Director of INTRUST.

The official partner of leading developers offers the best choice if you are interested in buying real estate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Safe Neighborhood

The established community within the area is also very important when choosing. Dubai is known for having one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Strict laws and highly effective law enforcement agencies ensure the safety of residents and tourists alike. But it is important to consider the social environment. In Dubai, neighbors can be people from all over the world, and here it is especially important to make the right choice.

Peter Raspopov singles out the Blue Waters neighborhood as one of the outstanding ones in this respect. There is a special environment here, private beaches, low-rise development - all this puts an imprint on the local community. "Convenient transport interchange, a separate bridge and entrance without traffic jams, a huge underground parking lot. Even the biggest Ferris wheel is here," he notes.

If we talk about numbers, here is a real boom: for a year the number of transactions increased by 94.2%, the volume of sales - by 99.4%, and the price per square foot of space jumped by more than 20%.

Dream area

"Where I would like to live is Jumeirah Islands. Villas near Palm Jumeirah, a groovy, cool and dynamic location, but kind of hidden from most. Artificial lakes, a super green area in a "bunch of grapes" format, an artificial island where the villas stand. This is a very interesting location in terms of transportation infrastructure, lack of traffic jams and closed community itself. Not many people know about it, villas there cost 10-50 million dollars, and this is probably the top district, in which I would like to live", - admits the expert.

Knowing the peculiarities of the city districts, having chosen a place to your liking, it is easier to make the right choice of a particular object, and you can make an application through a convenient form on the company's website.