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Italian Rock Legend Celebrates 70th Birthday

At age 70, the iconic rock star Gianna Nannini maintains her rebellious persona, asserting that she is still just 41 years old.

Still flouts all social conventions at the age of 70: Rock icon Gianna Nannini.
Still flouts all social conventions at the age of 70: Rock icon Gianna Nannini.

Gianna Nannini: A Renowned Italian Musician - Italian Rock Legend Celebrates 70th Birthday

Rock legend Gianna Nannini is thrilled about turning 70, but she doesn't see herself as a 70-year-old. While promoting her new album "Sei nel l'anima" and a Netflix biopic about the early phase of her career, she often stresses that she won't consider herself as old as 70. Instead, she claimed in interviews that she'll only be 41 in 2024.

Nannini, an Italian singer who was born on June 14, 1954, in Siena, has a special connection with Germany. She says that Germany feels like her "second birth." She had a psychological crisis during the recordings for her album "Fotoromanza" in Conny Plank's Cologne studio in 1983 and found renewed confidence, asserting herself as a musician. In an interview with "Stern" magazine, she described this experience: "Germany has a lot of significance for me. I was reborn in Germany in 1983. During the recordings for the album 'Fotoromanza' in Conny Plank's Cologne studio, I had an extreme psychological crisis, and I didn't know who I was anymore. A part of me died, and another part surfaced. That's why I'm not 70; I'm only 41!"

Conny Plank (1940-1987), a legendary German producer, guided and supported her during this difficult time. He put her back on track and urged her to stay close to her soul and only sing in Italian. She achieved international fame with hits like "Bello e Impossibile" and "I Maschi" by sticking to this advice.

Apart from the year of her rebirth, Nannini is also known for her provocative stance on gender identity. In her new album "Sei nel l'anima," the song "1983" explores her transformation, which involved a newfound awareness of her sexuality. The lyrics include: "1983, I was born without a gender."

She addressed this controversial statement in an interview with "The New Germans," declaring, "Being 'born without a gender' represents something I want to convey to people. Gender is a nonsensical term—it's a limiting mechanism that creates division. Black and white. Men and women. You can try me out! Hahaha."

In 2010, she shattered age and role model norms by having a child at 54. Although it caused a stir when she proudly displayed her baby bump on the cover of Italian "Vanity Fair," she remains defiant and resolute.

Her daughter, Lila Nannini, continues her rebellious spirit. Only 25 years old, she has released her debut album "Lila" and is known for her raw, emotional songs and powerful live performances. She credits her mother as her role model, hoping to pass on her legacy of self-expression and challenging societal norms. Her daughter, Penelope, is a teenager who emulates her mother's rebelliousness, even forbidding her mom from singing in English.

Gianna Nannini is likely to uphold this rebuke and continue singing in Italian despite her daughter's protests. Her upcoming "Sei nell'anima" Tour will kick off in various European cities from November 22, 2024, until December 21, 2024.

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Gianna Nannini's love for Italy is evident, but she also feels a deep connection to Germany, viewing it as her "second birth." She experienced a psychological crisis during her album recordings in Cologne with producer Conny Plank, leading to a newfound confidence and a renewed focus on singing in Italian. The German city has played a significant role in Nannini's career and personal growth.

In her new album "Sei nel l'anima," Nannini explores her transformation and gender identity, stating that "Gender is a nonsensical term—it's a limiting mechanism that creates division." This controversial stance has earned her both criticism and admiration, and she remains defiant in the face of societal norms.

Celebrating her 70th birthday, Nannini is not letting age define her. She has plans to embark on her "Sei nell'anima" Tour in November 2024, traveling through various European cities. Her daughter, Lila Nannini, follows in her mother's footsteps, continuing the legacy of self-expression and challenging societal norms with her raw and emotional music.

Despite her daughter's wishes for her to sing in English, Gianna Nannini remains steadfast in her decision to sing in Italian. Her commitment to her native language is a testament to her Italian roots and the cultural significance it holds for her.

German producer Conny Plank's influence on Gianna Nannini's career cannot be overlooked. His guidance and support during her crisis period played a crucial role in her transformation and rise to fame. Nannini's hit songs "Bello e Impossibile" and "I Maschi" are proof of the success that stemmed from her decision to stick to singing in Italian.

The bustling city of Cologne, on the Rhine River, will always hold a special place in Gianna Nannini's heart, as it was there that she found renewed confidence and emerged as a strong and confident Italian musician. Her 70th birthday celebration, upcoming tour, and her daughter's debut album are all reminders of the impact she has made on the music industry and how she continues to inspire others to challenge societal norms and remain true to themselves.