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Horror at Rostock fans: "Have shown full violence"

Rostock fans caused serious riots and injured numerous people at the second division match in Paderborn. Hansa is to pay for the massive damage.

Rostock fans hold banners with the slogan "Rügen unser Revier - Hansa unser Leben" and set
Rostock fans hold banners with the slogan "Rügen unser Revier - Hansa unser Leben" and set off pyrotechnics.

Riots - Horror at Rostock fans: "Have shown full violence"

The serious riots at the second division match between SC Paderborn and Hansa Rostock have triggered horror and a debate about consequences for violent spectators. "The DFL and the DFB need to consider whether clubs with fans who are prone to such violence should be allowed into other stadiums at all," Paderborn's managing director Martin Hornberger told the TV channel Sky.

The Rostock supporters had caused serious riots during the 3-0 defeat at SC Paderborn on Friday evening. They set off pyrotechnics, threw objects at police officers and smashed drinks and snack stands. "They showed full violence," said Hornberger. The police and SC Paderborn had expected fan protests during the match due to the vote in favor of investors joining the German Football League (DFL). "However, the events in the SCP07 stadium went far beyond what was to be expected," they said in a joint statement.

Hornberger was appalled. "We had players who didn't want to leave because they were scared and felt very depressed," said the 62-year-old, describing the situation. He estimates the massive material damage at more than 100,000 euros. The visiting club will have to pay for this. "We will send the bill to Hansa Rostock. It's not our fault," said Hornberger. Hansa sporting director Kristian Walter distanced himself "completely" from the riots on behalf of the club immediately after the match.

The match had been interrupted twice for several minutes by referee Wolfgang Haslberger because pyrotechnics had been set off in the visitors' area. According to police reports, around 150 violent visiting fans left the standing area during the match and threw various objects at stewards and police officers. "A total of eight stewards and twelve police officers suffered injuries, one policewoman had to be treated for a cut in a Paderborn hospital," the club and police said in a statement.

Shortly before the end of the match, a Hansa fan climbed over a fence into the seating area and seriously injured the head of a neutral spectator. "The man had to be taken to hospital by ambulance," said the police and club. After the end of the match, there were no further incidents in the stadium area.

"I've been in a position of responsibility at SC Paderborn 07 for 22 years, but I've never experienced anything like this," said Hornberger. Hansa goalkeeper Markus Kolke, who was sent off with a red card, said: "Rocket fire really doesn't have to happen. So much can happen. I'm happy that nobody was hit."

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  1. The DFL and DFB should consider whether clubs with fans prone to violence, like Hansa Rostock, should be allowed in other stadiums, suggested Martin Hornberger of SC Paderborn after the violent spectators caused riots during the second division match between SC Paderborn and Hansa Rostock.
  2. The Rostock supporters showed full violence during the match, setting off pyrotechnics, throwing objects at police officers, and causing significant damage to drinks and snack stands at SC Paderborn's SCP07 stadium.
  3. SC Paderborn's managing director, Martin Hornberger, was shocked by the situation, saying players were scared and felt depressed, and the club estimated the damages to be over 100,000 euros.
  4. Hansa Rostock's sporting director, Kristian Walter, distanced the club from the riots and promised to take responsibility for the visiting fans' actions.
  5. During the match, referee Wolfgang Haslberger had to stop the game twice due to pyrotechnics in the visitors' area, and around 150 violent fans left the standing area and threw objects at stewards and police officers, resulting in several injuries.
  6. Before leaving the stadium, a Hansa fan seriously injured a neutral spectator by climbing over a fence into the seating area, causing the spectator to be taken to the hospital.
  7. DFB and DFL need to take stern measures against clubs with a history of fan violence to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for spectators and players, asserts Martin Hornberger from SC Paderborn, condemning the disturbing incidents at the North Rhine-Westphalia second division match between SC Paderborn and Hansa Rostock.




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