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Hoffenheim managing director defends DFL billion-euro deal

Many soccer fans are protesting against the DFL's billion-euro deal. Alexander Rosen calls for more understanding and exchange.

Hoffenheim's managing director Alexander Rosen.
Hoffenheim's managing director Alexander Rosen.

Bundesliga - Hoffenheim managing director defends DFL billion-euro deal

Hoffenheim's managing director Alexander Rosen has defended the imminent involvement of an investor in the German Football League and called for more acceptance from the fans. "In principle, the active fan scene is well within its rights to show a counterpart quite demonstratively in the stadiums. On the other hand, you also have to accept to a certain extent that the league has to develop," Rosen told TV station Bild on Sunday, adding: "I think the problem is communication."

There had been massive protests by fans in the stadiums of the first and second division clubs at the weekend against the DFL's billion-euro deal, for which 24 of the 36 clubs and thus the required two-thirds majority gave the green light at last Monday's general meeting. "In my opinion, this is a good decision," said Rosen on the result of the vote. "We have to make sure that we bring the great Bundesliga product to the customer in a different way and we have to accept that consumer behavior has simply changed. This requires investment."

However, the 44-year-old still sees a lot of room for discussion when it comes to implementation. As many as ten clubs voted against a partnership with an investor. Two clubs abstained. "Everyone agreed on the fact that something has to happen. There was disagreement about the type of financing," said Rosen. At the same time, he did not rule out the possibility that "one or two clubs may have decided this way out of respect for the fan scene, perhaps in the hope that it would go through."

DFL press release on investor entry

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