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Hate crime suspects' residences investigated.

Nationwide investigations were conducted to combat criminal material found on the internet.

The hashtag "#Hate" can be seen on a screen.
The hashtag "#Hate" can be seen on a screen.

Ongoing probes - Hate crime suspects' residences investigated.

To counter online hate and provocation, the residences of six suspects in Rhineland-Palatinate were raided by investigators. These actions were taken due to suspicions of promoting hatred, distributing propaganda from foreign terrorist groups, slander, using symbols associated with unconstitutional organizations, and condoning illegal activities, according to the Rhineland-Palatinate Criminal Investigation Office (LKA) and Koblenz's General Public Prosecution Office.

The searches in Rhineland-Palatinate were conducted in the following municipalities: Rhein-Mosel, Alzey-Land, Neuwied, Landau-in-the-Palatinate, Bad Bergzabern, and Trier. Some of the seized items included mobile phones and other data storage devices. The investigators are now working to analyze this evidence.

These searches in Rhineland-Palatinate were part of a nationwide effort to crack down on hateful online content. Over 70 apartments were searched throughout Germany on Thursday, many suspects were questioned, and there were more than 130 police operations in total across all federal states, the Federal Criminal Police Office reported.

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  1. The LKA and the General Public Prosecution Office in Koblenz are investigating combat-related hate postings from suspects residing in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate.
  2. The investigating authority is determined to search online platforms for evidence of crime, especially in relation to the Rhine, given the recent raids in municipalities such as Mainz.
  3. The seizure of digital devices in Mainz during these operations could potentially provide evidence linking these suspects to ongoing hate crimes and criminal activities.
  4. Analyzing the seized data from Mainz is a crucial step in the investigating authority's efforts to combat hatred and illegal activities, both online and offline.
  5. Despite ongoing investigations in Mainz and other parts of Rhineland-Palatinate, the general public should remain vigilant when using the internet and report any potential hate crimes or illegal activities they encounter.



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