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"From our own resources": SC Freiburg votes against DFL investor

Two thirds of the professional clubs in the first and second leagues have voted in favor of a financial investor joining the DFL. SC Freiburg did not, because it considers the capital requirement to be too low.

A soccer player plays the ball.
A soccer player plays the ball.

Soccer - "From our own resources": SC Freiburg votes against DFL investor

SC Freiburg is one of the ten first and second division clubs that voted against the entry of an investor into the German Football League (DFL), which was decided on Monday. As a spokesperson for SC Freiburg confirmed on Tuesday, the South Baden Bundesliga club stuck to its "no" vote in Frankfurt/Main, which it had previously announced in a letter to its members. The club cited lower capital requirements than originally assumed as the reason. In May, the Europa League participant had voted "yes" in an initial vote on the issue.

A financial investor is to pay one billion euros for a percentage share of the TV revenue. The contract is to have a maximum term of 20 years and be signed by the start of the 2024/25 season. The DFL intends to use the money primarily to expand its infrastructure. This includes further digitalization and internationalization as well as the development of its own streaming platform.

"A model that has now been revised by the DFL (...) provides for a number of changes and assumes a significantly reduced capital requirement. Whether this is sufficient cannot be conclusively assessed as of today," the SC had written to its members. "In any case, however, it leads to a different assessment of SC Freiburg, as we are convinced that the significantly reduced investment volume, which will also be spread over several years, should be financed from our own resources (internal financing)." If investments could be made in this way, this should always be preferred to the involvement of a third party.

24 of the 36 professional clubs from the first and second divisions voted in favor of the DFL taking on investors, thereby just about ensuring the necessary two-thirds majority. Ten voted against and two clubs abstained.

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