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First meeting after a gap of 15 years

Long-awaited comeback: R.E.M., a well-known musical group, performs live together again after a hiatus of more than 15 years.

Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe and Bill Berry (from left to right) at the event for the...
Peter Buck, Mike Mills, Michael Stipe and Bill Berry (from left to right) at the event for the induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Legendary rock band R.E.M. - First meeting after a gap of 15 years

The legendary rock band R.E.M. made their long-awaited return together, performing their renowned track "Losing My Religion" at the Songwriters Hall of Fame induction ceremony on June 13th, as per Billboard reports.

R.E.M.'s frontman Michael Stipe spoke about the significance of their timeless music and their lasting friendship during the event. "Running lyrics and melodies together, creating songs and having a catalog that we're all proud of and that's out there for the world forever is the key measure of our work," he shared. Additionally, the 64-year-old musician highlighted the band's enduring bond, saying, "We've managed to stay friends through the years. Not just friends but dear friends."

Stipe and his fellow bandmates achieved massive success, with sales exceeding 90 million records over their band's fruitful run. Their last live performance together happened in 2008 in Mexico City. In 2011, they mutually decided to break up.

When asked what it would take for the band to reunite, bassist Mike Mills quipped, "A comet." Guitarist Peter Buck clarified, saying, "R.E.M. could never match our past brilliance if we came back. In fact, we believe we ended on the right note." Buck further expressed, "I think we quit at the perfect moment."

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Michael Stipe, a renowned songwriter, was one of the key figures in R.E.M., the iconic rock group that inductee into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Peter Buck, another member of R.E.M., shared his thoughts on the band's past brilliance and the possibility of a reunion, mentioning that they might have ended at the perfect moment. The 2011 breakup of R.E.M. marked the end of a fruitful run for the rock group, during which they sold over 90 million records with Stipe and Mike Mills as its cornerstone members.