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Family members and famous people pay a visit to the "Hamas captives' plaza."

Almost a year since the terrorist attack on Israel, the Islamist group Hamas continues to detain Israeli captives. Friends and famous figures pay tribute to the hostages in Berlin-Mitte.

Volker Beck (l-r), President of the German-Israeli Society, Bijan Djir-Sarai (FDP), Secretary...
Volker Beck (l-r), President of the German-Israeli Society, Bijan Djir-Sarai (FDP), Secretary General, Felor Badenberg (SPD), Senator for Justice, Michel Friedmann and Ahmad Mansour visit the "Hamas Hostages Square".

Disagreements or clashes - Family members and famous people pay a visit to the "Hamas captives' plaza."

Family members and well-known individuals paid tribute to the Israeli hostages kept by the militant group Hamas at Bebelplatz in Berlin-Mitte on Sunday by demanding their freedom. Chairs with photos and names of the individuals abducted in Israel on October 7, 2023 were put on the plaza next to the State Opera, which was recently renamed "Hamas Hostage Square." CDU Sen spr Felor Badenberg expressed genuine concern: "It really hurts me."

Hamas and its sympathizers slaughtered about 1,200 people and abducted around 230 women, men, and children during a strike against Israel on October 7, 2023. 105 of them were released following an agreement between Israel and Hamas almost two months later. It's unclear what happened to the remaininghostages. According to Israeli estimates, around 100 of them are most likely still alive.

The simple question of how she's doing is now quite difficult to answer, claims Margalit Moses, who claims her uncle was captured by Hamas. The world has gone mad, Moses stated to dpa. The threat of terror is a danger to humankind. Writer Michel Friedman declared: "Hamas is responsible for all the misery that has occurred, as they have caused the world to break with civilization."

Volker Beck, President of the German-Israeli Association, stated that the ordeal has been going on for eight months for the hostages. They were constantly hopeful for release while also consistently fearing for their lives. This was also "an enormous burden and torture" for the families, remarked Beck. The war could promptly end if Hamas released the hostages and surrendered.

When discussing the recent university protests, Beck said, "Germany has always had an anti-Semitism issue, but it has become particularly severe in the past few weeks and months." The protesters are a relatively tiny party now occupying too much space. There is "nothing to diffuse with certain individuals; there is only pulling them by the collar and taking them out onto the streets," says Beck. Otherwise, the stage would be entrusted to "these screechers and violent offenders."

Activists in support of Palestinians occupied spaces at Humboldt University on Wednesday, voicing their discontent with Israel and condemning it. The university management originally tolerated the occupation and sought to engage in conversation with the occupiers and academics. On Thursday evening, the police removed the occupied building.

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