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Explosive names revealed? Book about royals stopped

What color will Prince Harry and his wife Meghan's children be? A member of the royal family is said to have once puzzled over this. Now a new book is fueling the speculation.

The new book about the British royals could cause an uproar in the royal
The new book about the British royals could cause an uproar in the royal

Explosive names revealed? Book about royals stopped

There is usually no better publicity platform for a book than a minor scandal. Author Omid Scobie has published around 400 new pages about the British royal family. The content, which was discussed in the British media after publication, seems less than spectacular. Princess Kate sometimes behaved coldly and ignored calls for help from her sister-in-law Duchess Meghan, according to "Endgame". However, there was a stir on the day of publication.

The book was stopped in the Netherlands and the translated version was withdrawn from sale there for the time being. "An error has occurred in the Dutch edition," read a statement from the publisher Xander Uitgevers in Haarlem near Amsterdam. "A correction is being worked on in the translation." A few words that triggered speculation. The publisher did not wish to comment further when asked by the German Press Agency.

Justification could shake British monarchy

If the reason for the Dutch withdrawal is indeed the one reported in the media, commentators believe it could seriously shake the British monarchy. The version mentions the name of a royal who Meghan had accused of speculating about the skin color of her future children with Harry before the birth of their son Archie.

In an interview with US presenter Oprah Winfrey in spring 2021, the couple opened up about this. However, the couple did not mention any names at the time, only emphasizing that it was not Queen Elizabeth II or her husband Prince Philip, who were still alive at the time.

For Meghan and Harry, who have long since moved to the USA, the interview opened up new rifts with the British royal family. "We're certainly not a racist family," said Harry's older brother Prince William at the time. But the couple in the USA followed this up with a production on Netflix and Harry's biography "Reserve". Not exactly the easiest conditions for celebrating Christmas together again.

It could come to the 'endgame'

In the meantime, the mood had calmed down somewhat. Recently, there was even speculation about a Christmas visit by the "Americans" to their old home. But now it could actually come to the "endgame".

The author of the book of the same name told the TV station RTL that there is no version from his hand in which names are mentioned. "I wrote the English version." But questions remain. According to reporters who had read the Dutch version in advance, there are two passages in question. One passage explicitly states that Meghan mentioned a name in private letters. Photos of this passage are circulating on the internet.

Another passage states that another member of the Royal Family had expressed similar concerns. Dutch royal journalist Rick Evers told British broadcaster ITV that one name was very specific, but the second was somewhat vague.

Scobie had already written about Harry and Meghan three years ago - he is said to have good relations with the couple. His new book, subtitled "Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy's Fight for Survival", was published in the UK on Tuesday. The author said in an interview with The Times that he had not spoken to Meghan for the book. However, he said they had mutual friends and that "definitely helps with getting information".

Not the most flattering picture of the royals

According to the British news agency PA, he does not paint the most flattering picture of the royals in "Endgame". King Charles III, for example, has failed to build a new relationship with his son Prince Harry after his rift with him.

Scobie also argued that the relationship between Charles and his eldest son and heir to the throne Prince William was difficult. The Times, on the other hand, wrote that most commentators believe William and Charles have grown closer in recent years.

According to PA, Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace declined to comment on the book. It was not initially known what would happen to the copies already printed in the Netherlands.