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Citizens pave the way for the sale of properties

Rostock's city council recently backed the planned new Volkstheater building once again. The city wants and needs to sell land to realize the 208 million euro project. With the approval of the city council.

Rostock - Citizens pave the way for the sale of properties

The Rostock city council has given the green light in principle for the sale of municipal properties and land to finance the planned new theater building. There is a list of 18 potential properties. These include the former Best Western Hotel in Warnemünde, the current location of the theater and the freight transport center. The total proceeds for all properties are estimated at 120 million euros. After a long debate, a majority of the citizens voted in favor of the administration's draft resolution on Wednesday evening, to which over a dozen amendments were tabled.

The Lord Mayor's second deputy, Steffen Bockhahn (non-party), made it clear that the city would respond to good offers. "We don't have forever, but we're not desperate and we don't have to make emergency sales." There was a lengthy discussion as to whether the Best Western, which is currently being used to house refugees, should remain on the list. However, a motion to remove the hotel as a potential property for sale did not receive majority support.

Initially, properties are to be sold for the equivalent of 34.5 million euros. This amount is part of the city's own contribution to financing the new building of 75 million euros. Added to this are 51 million euros in subsidies from the state and a loan of 82 million euros.

According to the administration, the list of potential sales areas has been expanded to a volume of 120 million euros in order to counter any cost increases and delays in marketing. The construction costs for the new theater currently amount to 208 million euros.

If the properties are sold, the city will refrain from granting a heritable building right, which means that the buyer will also become the owner of the property. In the event of a sale, a further resolution must be passed for each individual property.

Draft resolution

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