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B2B Lead Generation at START Summit 2024: A Post-Event Guide to Maximizing Opportunities

Foto: VirtuWise

Unlocking Opportunities at START Summit 2024

START Summit 2024, held in St. Gallen, Switzerland, proved to be more than just a tech event; it was a goldmine for B2B lead generation. Under the banner of "DARE TO EVOLVE," the summit encouraged innovation and bold steps towards a sustainable future. With over 800 startups and 900 investors in attendance, the potential for networking and generating leads was unparalleled.

Effective Strategies for Achieving Maximum Impact

Pitch Competitions: Participants were advised to not just participate but to tell their startup's story, focusing on solutions that address pain points for a B2B audience. It wasn’t just about pitching but making businesses relatable and essential.

Startup Fairs: Exhibitors created interactive experiences at their booths. Demos or VR showcased products' utility in real-world B2B contexts, making them memorable.

Speed Dating and Matchmaking: Quality was prioritized over quantity. Attendees researched in advance and tailored their messages to align with others' interests, fostering meaningful dialogues.

Workshops and Side Events: Active participation was key. Sharing insights, asking questions, and engaging with speakers and participants elevated presence.

Founders Day Zero: This was leveraged for deep dives into subjects that mattered to businesses. The mentorship and insights gained were unparalleled.

Brilla App: This app served as a command center. It was used not just for scheduling but for researching participants, tracking event updates, and following up post-event.

Technological and Human Insights for Enhanced Results

Digital Presence: Prior to the summit, ensuring a polished digital footprint, from LinkedIn to company websites, articulated B2B value propositions clearly.

Content Strategy: Insights, blog posts, or case studies relevant to the summit themes were shared. Hashtags and event mentions increased visibility.

Follow-Up Strategy: A follow-up plan that included personalized messages, a summary of interactions, and a clear call to action was crucial. Timing was key; immediate follow-ups were more effective.

Analytics and CRM: Post-event, interactions, follow-ups, and conversions were diligently tracked. This data refined approaches for future events.

Maximizing Post-Event Momentum

Community Engagement: Staying active in the START Summit community through webinars, forums, and discussions kept networks engaged.

Partnership Opportunities: Potential partnerships discovered during the summit were pursued. Collaborative projects opened up new B2B avenues.

Feedback Loop: Feedback from leads and new connections was solicited to improve offerings and approaches.

Continual Learning: Every interaction was a learning opportunity. What worked and what didn’t was analyzed to refine strategies.

Celebrating Success: Small successes were acknowledged and shared. This motivated teams and built the brand story.


START Summit 2024 served as a catalyst for B2B growth. By adopting a strategic, engaged, and technology-leveraged approach, startups were able to transform opportunities into tangible leads, propelling them on the path of innovation and business success. The key to effective B2B lead generation lay in preparation, active participation, and thorough follow-through.

Alex Bilyi,