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Athletic Contender Dauser Imperils Olympic Stage, Seitz Steps Down in Tenth Place

Prominent German gymnasts express apprehension, grappling with uncertainties.

Lukas Dauser had to abandon his competition due to injury.
Lukas Dauser had to abandon his competition due to injury.

Athletic Contender Dauser Imperils Olympic Stage, Seitz Steps Down in Tenth Place

Title: The Rush for the Paris Olympics: A Potential Hitch for Lukas Dauser

The chase for the Paris Olympics has been on for German top gymnast, Lukas Dauser, since today. However, it seems Elisabeth Seitz's journey might have reached its end.

Germany's record bar champion, Lukas Dauser, aged 31, might have sustained a severe injury approximately a month prior to the Olympics. This potential setback could shatter Elisabeth Seitz's dream of her fourth Olympic appearance.

Dauser, the bar champion, was forced to pull out of the last Olympic qualification in Russelsheim due to an injury to a tendon in his left arm. As per the German Gymnastics Federation, Dauser was immediately rushed to Mainz for thorough examinations following the incident. The MRT is expected to provide insights into the severity of the injury.

In contrast, Seitz, aged 30, was outdone by her young rival, Helen Kevric (16), on the balance beam. Kevric scored an impressive 14.800 points, a feat that would have netted her the third position at the 2023 World Championships. Seitz, who scored 14.750 points merely two weeks prior, could only manage 14.600 points this time.

The third Olympic slot shared with Pauline Schäfer-Betz and Sarah Voss is contingent upon the gymnast's performance being near medal level. The German Gymnastics Federation is set to announce the nomination on Sunday. For Kevric, this would mark her initial Olympic participation. Seitz suffered an Achilles tendon rupture in September 2023 and has been struggling to regain her top form.

"On Edge" about Dauser

It remains uncertain if Dauser's Olympic participation is at stake. "We'll have to wait and see what the examinations reveal and make a decision based on that. Of course, it's bitter for us, but I think he'll make it. But we need a backup plan," said national coach Valeri Belenki. Dauser, who finished second in the bar event at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, is a strong contender on his special apparatus.

Timo Eder (Ludwigsburg) clinched the men's multi-event title on Saturday with 82.675 points, beating Nils Dunkel (Halle/82.275) and Glenn Trebing (Hannover/81.775) to the post.

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The 2024 Olympic Games in Paris are just around the corner, and Lukas Dauser's injury threatens to derail his participation.

Regardless of Dauser's situation, the German Gymnastics Federation is still deciding the third Olympic slot, with potential nominees including Pauline Schäfer-Betz, Sarah Voss, and Helen Kevric, who had an impressive performance at the balance beam.