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Apple Set to Include Call Recording Feature in Phone App

However, a device such as the iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max, or any AI-compatible phone from Apple will be necessary.

Apple Will Finally Add Call Recording to the Phone App
Apple Will Finally Add Call Recording to the Phone App

Apple Set to Include Call Recording Feature in Phone App

Apple unveiled many impressive features of iOS 18 at WWDC this week, including an insight into how their top-tier devices will utilize AI. One of Apple's most eagerly awaited AI features is the long-desired call recording functionality for iOS.

Before iOS 18 and Apple's AI, known as Apple Intelligence, users had to resort to third-party apps such as Recordator and TapeACall to record phone calls on their iPhones. These apps generally entailed additional steps to initiate the recording process and often demanded subscriptions to exploit each app's complete set of features. Nonetheless, with the upcoming iOS 18 and Apple Intelligence, this scenario is slated to evolve.

Individuals owning an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max in the autumn can anticipate the introduction of a native live call recording feature within the Phone app. This feature will be presented as a button in the call menu, and all callers will be alerted the moment the recording commences.

This feature not only records your conversation, but also generates a written transcript of the discussion once it concludes, providing two alternative methods to review the content. Everything is saved directly on your device, eliminating the need for additional apps or security measures.

The drawback is that due to the AI integration necessary for the transcription to work, this functionality will be limited to the iPhone 15 Pro, Pro Max, and any future AI-compatible iPhone models. Therefore, users on standard iPhone 15 (or older) handsets will not reap the benefits of these new features.

At launch, Apple announced that transcriptions will only accommodate English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese, and Portuguese. The possibility of supporting additional languages later on can't be ruled out. The initial beta version of iOS 18 is currently obtainable for testing, but the anticipated AI-driven features, such as life recording and transcriptions, are not yet included in this preview. You can expect to experiment with these features later this summer.

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After Apple's announcement of the call recording feature in iOS 18, some users might consider using 'tech' solutions to enhance their iPhone call recording capabilities. Even with the upcoming 'iPhone call recording' feature, some may still prefer using third-party apps like 'Recordator' or 'TapeACall' due to their existing familiarity with these tools.