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"1000-piece puzzle" series focusing on Lagerfeld

The film "Becoming Karl Lagerfeld" chronicles the early days of the iconic fashion designer in Paris meticulously. Actor Brühl even hand-drew numerous design sketches - expressing immense admiration for a fellow artist.

Karl Lagerfeld helped shape fashion for more than half a century - now there is a series about him.
Karl Lagerfeld helped shape fashion for more than half a century - now there is a series about him.

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The iconic white ponytail, high shirt collar, and dark sunglasses - these instantly recognizable features belong to the late fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. But how did he become one of the most sought-after designers in the fashion industry?

The six-part series, "Becoming Karl Lagerfeld," starring Daniel Brühl, sheds light on this enigma. The series follows the 1933-born designer's first successful years in the 1970s in Paris. It examines the rivalries, heartbreak, and influence of Marlene Dietrich. You can watch this series on Disney+.

Brühl: Capturing Lagerfeld's Contradictions

Karl Lagerfeld, who has been the chief designer at Chanel for years, often appeared as an artifact and a mystery. He played with the truth and lies by cultivating doubts about his age and nationality. This intrigue is what attracted Brühl (known for "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "Good Bye, Lenin!") to the role. As he told the German Press Agency, "I love the thrill of his contradictions and polarities. Those are always the most exciting aspects to me."

Brühl aims to reveal Lagerfeld's emotional side and vulnerabilities through the role. "The character of Karl Lagerfeld is like a 1,000- or 10,000-piece puzzle that I haven't finished yet," he said, residing in Berlin. This German designer symbolized Parisian chic and sophisticated style. He influenced fashion for over five decades and discovered prominent models like Claudia Schiffer. "Becoming Karl Lagerfeld" charts his rise to fame during the years 1972-81 as artistic director at the luxury brand Chloé. The show features his encounters with prominent contemporaries, such as Andy Warhol and Paloma Picasso, the daughter of the famous painter, Pablo Picasso.

Marlene Dietrich - a German Hollywood icon - also makes an appearance in the series. She demands a custom-made costume.

"Becoming Karl Lagerfeld" is inspired by Raphaëlle Bacqué's biography, "Kaiser Karl," and caters to both fashion enthusiasts and those who appreciate visual extravagance and chemistry between Lagerfeld and his partner, Jacques de Bascher (played by Théodore Pellerin). Brühl portrays Lagerfeld as a disciplined and ambitious individual, but also as someone with feelings and insecurities, struggling to express them.

The chemistry between Brühl and Pellerin astounded him. "Working alongside him was worth half the rent," Brühl stated, "We got so immersed that I took the liberty of telling my wife, 'I'm sorry, but I'm in love with this man.' And my wife replied, 'That's fine.'"

To prepare for the role, Brühl read biographies, explored Lagerfeld's former neighborhood in Paris, and even drew illustrations. "I was quite skilled as a child in drawing. I then made around 700 of my own sketches, some I thought were a decent collection."

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